9 things you should never say to your customer

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Regardless of the size of an organisation, every business has to deal with customers, whether it is getting feedback on services rendered or good old support service.

This interaction can at times be quite tricky, one misstep, one bad experience, you can become the victim of bad publicity, and yes, there is such a thing as bad publicity.

Here is a quick rundown of some 9 things you should never say to your customer, really, hold your tongue, don’t say these things.


1. “That’s not so bad”

Saying “that’s not so bad” about a customer’s complaint makes it seem you do not take the customer’s troubles seriously. You are asking the customer to accept what they consider to be below par for them.

Rather, genuinely listen to the customer’s complaint and offer a suitable solution.

2.“I will tell them”

You have to realise that the customer has no inkling about the inner workings of your organisation, so saying “I will tell them” sounds like the customer representative is incompetent and is passing the responsibility to more capable hands who the customer would rather be talking to in the first place.

3.“Calm down”

Someone once said ‘no one has ever calmed down by being told to calm down’, telling a customer to calm down often agitates the customer further. Instead, keep a level respectful tone while making you point.

4.“To be honest”

Saying to be honest while talking to a customer might seem to be a good phrase to earn a customer’s trust, truth is, it is actually counterproductive as the customer would believe all the things said previously were not true.

5.”Don’t tell anyone I said this”

Just like saying “to be honest” this phrase makes you seem chummy with the customer, however, customers might see it as a cheap tactic to earn their trust. If what you are about to reveal is a secret, don’t reveal it, you would seem untrustworthy.

6.“It’s no big deal”

It is a big deal, if the customer takes the time out to call about a complaint, the  you should take it just as seriously. Rather, listen to the complaint and treat is as valid.

7. “Listen to me”

Customers can be wrong, but don’t let your emotions get the best of you while relating with them. When tempted to say this, ask the customer “are you there” if you feel he isn’t listening.

8.“No problem”

This might seem to be causal reply to make the customer relax, however, it can come across as cavalier. Rather,  “You’re welcome” “glad i can be of service” are fine retorts to use. This shows direct appreciation for the customer patronizing the company.

9. Nothing (silence)

Sitting in surly silence while a customer makes a complaint is extremely rude. While we are not saying you should butt in when the customer is talking, we mean the silence of not responding to inquiries. Responding to customers is crucial. Make sure they know you can hear them and you are working on making things better.


What other phrases do you think should absolutely never be said to customers? Let us know in the comments section.


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