9 Essential Skills to be a Great Party Host

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Whether it is a big party that you are throwing or a small intimate gathering. You want your guests to enjoy the party and feel welcomed in your home. You also not want to run out of steam and energy by hustling and running between different chores.

So here are 9 Essential Skills to be a Great Party Host and play the perfect hostess or the host. It helps you have a good time as well:

Do what you can

Don’t stretch yourself too much for a party. Do what you can, starting with the food of the evening. Only cook what you can and are good at or just order in. Instead of having elaborate cocktails, just get alcohol that you can just consume directly. These are only one of many things for the party that you can cut back on. Remember, the key for a good party is for everyone to have fun including you.

Practice before cooking

If you are trying new recipes, try to cook them once at least before the actual day of the party. You need to know the prep time and cooking time before you attempt cooking a dish that you can serve at a party. It is always a great idea to practice your cooking skills and the dishes you intend to serve your guests.

Have a few cold serves

Having warm/hot food is a good idea but if you concentrate on only that, you will find yourselves running back and forth from the kitchen. Not everyone will eat things on time and might be engrossed in conversations. You can’t be heating and re-heating the food over and over again and wasting your time and energy. Have a few cold serves, dishes that people can have at room temperature. Some options can be fruit salads, bruschettas, chips, nuts etc.

Switch music moods

Once the party starts, have a nice mellow music in the background that sets the mood. You can have a party/dance music mix as well to get everyone in a merry mood. Dinner time can be just instrumental pieces that fill the empty spaces and help your guests to have conversations.

Set the mood right

If you are frazzled, your guests can see it. Nobody wants to have a great time when the host/hostess is feeling anxious. They have all come to YOUR party and want you to have a good time with them.

Spend time with people

Mingle with people. Do not get cooped in one corner and talk to your guests. Make sure you spend time with the people you love so that you do not feel bad about spending less time with them.

Concentrate on few details instead of all of it

Not everything needs to be and can be perfect. Concentrate on things that are important like food, drinks, the decor of visible places, the music, the temperature of the room etc.

Accept help

If someone is offering to help you in the kitchen or with serving, take it! You do not have to multitask your way into becoming a hero where you do everything. You have nothing to prove. In the spirit of the holiday, let everyone come together in more ways than one.

Have a designated bar person

Have your partner or a designated person take care of the drinks at the party. Whether it is about serving or refilling. Or you can just place the drinks at a large table where it is accessible to people.

We hope these tricks help. We certainly think they will! Have a wonderful party and one that you can enjoy yourself. If you wish to get rid of all party anxiety and just want to have an absolutely great time, hire a party planner from Vconnect.






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