7 Ways You’re Ruining Your Home Plumbing

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Water is such a blessing. You know what makes it even more so? it’s that we have so many appliances that get water into our homes and make it easily accessible. Our taps just need to be turned and it runs inside the house.

Everything needs proper care. And yes, that includes our plumbing. Without proper care our plumbing fails to serve us and our water suddenly isn’t flowing as well as it should.

There are reasons for these changes though and we’ll let you know at least seven ways you have been ruining your home plumbing.

You clog your drains

Those paper towels, tampons, baby wipes, condoms, etc in the toilet. The food scraps in the kitchen drains and hair in our bathroom drains.

Sometimes we overestimate the capacity of our drainage systems. A few times may not hurt, but a few more times over time start to cause real damage.

It is important that we make sure we don’t constantly drop waste in our zinc drains.

One DIY we can easily use to clear clogged drains is pouring ½ cup of salt with ½ cup of baking soda followed by extremely hot water till you notice the pipe is clear.

You don’t  know enough about your home plumbing

It is important that we equip ourselves with knowledge about the main water shut-off valve in our homes in case of a leak. Because when things are beyond our favorite DIY repairs, we need to be able to manage the damage before the professional arrives.

You don’t fix problems as quickly as possible

As mentioned earlier, knowing where to shut off the water to the house is good.

Also, be quick to call the plumber if you notice any issues. Sometimes a small problem may seem manageable for a while, but you could be causing more damage to your plumbing.

You Misuse Exposed Pipes

Sometimes we find exposed pipes convenient for hanging laundry. This could loosen the joints and fasteners and eventually render them useless.

You mess with your water pressure

High water pressure feels great when you’re taking a shower or filling up a container or doing the dishes. But this gradually weakens your pipes and increases the likelihood of leaks.  So get a professional plumber to make sure you are getting the ideal water pressure in your house.

Your water is hard water

This can be harmful in a variety of ways. Not only is it harsh on our skin, it’s also harsh on our plumbing and pipes.

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium and once they build up inside the pipes they restrict water flow.

Use softeners, they contain sodium and act against those minerals.

You pour chemicals down your drain

While using chemicals to open or clear drains can help, they often do more harm than good. Most chemical drain cleaners are very harsh and they can also ruin drain pipes. Rather, prevent blockages in the first place, by keeping cloggers like grease and hair out of your pipes.


Find plumbers to help you fix those drains. A comphrehensive list of plumbers is on VConnect.


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