5 ways to Beat the High Prices and Travel This Festive Season

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Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences one can have. It enlightens us, entertains us and gives us a chance to take a break from our busy and mundane lifestyle. Planning a holiday is not as much fun though. From picking a place to booking everything related to the travel, plan an itinerary while keeping in mind the purpose of the holiday. Family holidays come seldom with the kind of work patterns that most of us have and when you get the chance, you want to make the most of it.

So how do you a plan a holiday and not overshoot a budget? After all, when the festive season brings in the Christmas cheer and the long break, everyone is planning one! That is the reason why popular holiday breaks witness a price hike. The ticket prices and the exorbitant hotels make it impossible for one to plan a break that does not put a dent on the pocket. You compromise on either the fun or the place or the number of days.

We are here to tell you a few tricks that can help you and you would not have to compromise. Here are 5 ways to Beat the High Prices and Travel This Festive Season:

Plan & Book in advance

It pays to plan in advance. In this case, it saves you a lot of money. If you know for sure that you are traveling this holiday season, do not leave the planning to last minute. Have your places of interest chalked out at least three months in advance. The most important cost that you will incur is the travel, stay and local/popular sightseeing (ticket prices etc). It helps to plan and book these way in advance.

Go for an agent 

Contrary to what you might believe, getting an agent actually helps you cut costs than incur more. An agent has access to lock in rates and also enjoys exclusive discounts with regard to lodging facilities available in the city of your choice. What is more, they will take care of the stress that one goes through while making sure the bookings are done! We at Vconnect, have the best of travel agents that you can book by just a click of a button! Just get an agent to get you the best of tour packages.

Look for deals

Look at alternatives

You do not have to stay in hotels necessarily. You can look at home stays and Airbnb which are affordable and have anything from a budget stay to a luxury stay for families. Look at websites that help you compare the prices of hotels and airplane travel, but also look at the selected hotel/flight’s website. Sometimes you can get better deals from the brand’s website itself. In case of local sightseeing look for city passes/travel tours or deals that you can get for tourists. Cities invite tourists in every way possible and ensure the process of exploring for the traveler is easy.

Pick wisely

Avoid popular tourist destination and try to go to places less traveled. Spend time on researching the places and check with an agent for offbeat options as well. Offbeat destinations do not necessarily mean places that no one visits. Also, if you do go to a popular destination, visit them on times that do not have a larger footfall. Generally, such information is available online on travel forums.

Make it easy for yourself with Vconnect professional travel agents and have a hassle-free travel this holiday season. We want you to make the most of this Christmas holiday with your loved ones.


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