7 tips to get the bathroom that perfectly reflects your personality

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The bathroom is a special room in the house, it is where you often go to first thing out of bed, and last place before going to bed, at least for most people.

These days, bathrooms have also kept up pace with technological advancements, at least in some places.

Recently, Japan had to set out standardised bathroom signs to visitors coming to Japan for the 2020 Olympics, but we digress a bit.

What is clear is that bathrooms are important and just like your bedroom and living room, you can decorate your bathroom to reflect your personality.

Here are some design tips to set you on your way.


While most people won’t really care what colour they paint their bathroom, you should.

Choose a colour that reflects your personality, pink for your feminine side, blue for your calm side, green to show your earthy side and red for your passion.

Vivid colours in your bathroom can serve as a soothing palette to start with, or something to ignite your passion.

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Closely following the colour and colour scheme you choose is the kind of tiles you use.

Tiles come in such a variety of designs and colours that you are bound to find one to your liking.

Having trouble selecting the one you want? Browse through here for different kinds.


“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”, you apparently.

No kidding, the right mirror can be the centre piece of your bathroom, choose a vanity mirror that comes with its own lighting to make really make a statement.

For smaller bathrooms, you can go for mirrors that are have inbuilt cabinets to serve a dual purpose.


Towels are a great way to show your style, let the colours and textures you use reflect your personality. To take it up a notch you can personalise the towels by having them monogrammed, designate some for guests and you have solved the problem of people using your personal towels.


If you think faucets are meant to gush out and nothing more, think again. With a variety of designs, faucets can be little works of art. The right type adds just a touch of ‘you’ to your bathroom.

Bathtubs/walk-in shower closets

This is sometimes a difficult choice to make or sometimes can be out of your hand. Whichever way you go, you can select different types of bathtubs or shower closets that is just right for you.


Bathroom cabinets are functional but they can also an element of quirkiness that reflects your sense of style. From the colour of the cabinet to the material the cabinet is made from, you can choose a cabinet that sets your bathroom apart.


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