7 Things to do Before Applying Your Makeup

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Applying makeup is a part of the daily routine for most of us. Whether it is before heading to the office or just heading out for lunch/dinner, makeup is something that helps us express ourselves better. Like the wand of a magician, various makeup articles work their magic on us. But what do we do before applying makeup? And why do we even have to do anything?

Some makeup products, no matter how great the brand is, are harsh on our skin and can have long term adverse effects. To minimize that and to ensure that we do not need the makeup to be applied over and over during the day, there are some steps that prepping the skin for makeup. Don’t worry, it is not time-consuming. You could end up with clogged pores and breakouts and even worse, the makeup may not look good on your skin if you skip these steps.

So it is certainly the time you can give to your skin to make sure it stays healthy and glowing with or without makeup on!

Clean up

Wash your face. Yes, this the step you can’t miss even before applying makeup. Use a gentle cleanser that has ingredients that work for your skin. For instances, use the one with natural products or something that does not have alcohol in it. Alcohol tends to dry the skin. Rinse your face with warm water.


Exfoliation helps in removal of dead skin from your face and because of this step the makeup doesn’t appear chappy or dry. Make sure you use a quality product and remove every trace of the exfoliant with warm water. Be gentle with the exfoliator and use your fingers for application or removal of the product from your skin.


A toner removes any traces of dirt from your skin that could be left behind after the first two steps. It also moisturizes the skin and makes it appear hydrated. Dab it with a cotton ball evenly on the skin and let the skin soak it in before you proceed to the next step.


An extremely important step, moisturizing helps your skin to stay fresh and helps you from the harmful effects of makeup products. Moisturise gently using your fingers move in circular motion. This movement also helps in better blood circulation. Do not forget to moisturize lips with chapstick or a colorless lip balm. Allow the moisturizer to sink into your skin before applying makeup by waiting for 2-5 minutes.


The first step to applying makeup and the last step of the “before makeup” tutorial. Primer helps to hide acne and scars. Irrespective of your skin type a primer also helps in preventing increased sweating which makes your makeup last longer.

We hope you do not ignore these steps and do them before applying makeup yourself or getting your makeup done professionally. Be sure to ask the makeup expert from Vconnect too about what else you can do to improve your skin and look your best with makeup on or off.


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