7 Strangest Enquiries We Have Received At Vconnect

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The nature of what we do here at Vconnect means that we get enquiries about everything. No, really … we mean Everything. We are glad to oblige these requests. Afterall, what we want to do is cut the time you spend looking for professional service providers from days, to mere minutes. Forbes even has an article about it.

Ideally, all this happens on the Vconnect website with the help of an enquiry form that gets the details of what service you are looking for and informs the appropriate businesses to contact you. Pretty neat!Learn more.

However,  we often get people who would rather call us to make their enquiries (not that we mind). When this happens, our Customer Care Representative, the lovely Gina, handles these calls. Boy does she get all sorts of calls, ranging from the legitimate, to the lame, to the downright ludicrous.

Gina. unflustered as usual.

So I sat down with Gina to ask about the strangest enquiries she has received here at Vconnect.

Here we go in no particular order:

1.The Dude who wanted to sell his Kidney.

“Not too long ago I got a call from a man who asked if we wanted to buy one of his kidneys. I actually felt pity for him. I told him we didn’t have that information and advised him to contact hospitals who maybe had people on a waiting list to receive a kidney donation”.

2. The Lady who wanted us to change her BVN number

“We often get calls from people who think they are talking to their bank, when this happens, I tell them they are not on with their bank, but Vconnect. That was the case with this Lady, however after I told her this wasn’t her bank, she insisted we get it done anyway”.

3. The ones who try to scam us

Apparently, this is a common occurrence and there is a format it. It works like this;

We get a call asking if we are the courier service who asked them to deposit money in a certain account to get goods cleared. Gina hasn’t been brave enough to say yes to this yet :D.


4. The Sugar Mummy Seekers

“I get a lot of young men asking for contacts of sugar mummies, they are quick to tell me they are capable of *cough* satisfying the sugar mummies.

It gets even more gross;  they send graphic photos to the legitimate dating sites we have to, ermm, prove their worth.” Luckily, we have a photo gallery verification system, so these pictures do not get on the Vconnect site.”

5. The Pastor who thought he was speaking to a native doctor

This one sounds like something straight from a Nollywood script, but it is true. Hear Gina tell it;

“A Pastor from Akwa Ibom called thinking he was speaking to a native doctor, he had tried everything to grow his church but nothing was working, so he was willing to do whatever it takes to increase his congregation”.

6. He wanted Illuminati Nigeria’s contact

“A while ago, a man called asking if we had the contact information for Illuminati Nigeria, he said he was willing to join immediately. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help him with that.”

7. Native Doctors

“This is the least strange of them all. We have a native doctor client who recently completed his website using our Do-it-yourself website tool.

Then again, I still get pleasantly surprised at how people are using our relatively new technology to find a traditional service”

Remember what I said about Vconnect helping you find professional services quicker and easier?

It is what we do, and it only takes 3 steps:

1. Tell us what you need

2. Get Quotes

3. Hire the right service professional.

Don’t just take my word for it, head over to www.vconnect.com/getquote to see for yourself.

Jimi out! *drops mic and unsuccessfully moonwalks away*



Usman is a content developer and screenwriter. Bizarrely, he has never been seen in the same room with Batman, leading many to believe he is indeed the Dark Knight. He refuses to comment on these claims.

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