7 Simple ways to prepare your home for the rains

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The pitter-patter of raindrops outside, a hot cup of coffee and a book to give you company, an ideal rainy day is spent in the comfort of your home. What if your home is not prepared for it? Certainly, a cold and damp home will not be as inviting as the warmth that you expect from your house during rains If only it was a simple task to cover your home with a rainproof sheet! But wait, we have simpler ways to tell you. Here is how you can protect your home from the torrential rains outside:

1. Protect your wooden furniture

Book a wooden furniture cleaning service and also regularly dust your furniture to maintain it. However, using a wet cloth for the purpose is an open invite for termites to attack your precious wooden furniture. The dampness and the high moisture content in the air during the rains create a conducive breeding ground for insects such as termites. There are specialized disinfectants and cleaners available in the market for wooden furnishings. A dry cloth for cleaning is certainly an option. You can also keep your furniture covered with beautiful covers in intricate patterns and embroidery. It also helps brighten up the otherwise gloomy atmosphere created during rains.  Another way to maintain your wooden furnishings is to have it professional cleaners. Professional furniture cleaning services from VConnect use quality ingredients and equipment to ensure your furniture is cleaned just the right way.

2.Protection from dampness

The dampness in the air can lead to an unpleasant smell. The discomfort can be masked by room fresheners, but using natural fresheners is a better option. Fragrant candles in beautiful colors, varied sizes, and smells are an excellent option. You can choose the fragrance as per your preference. There are also diffusers available in the market which offer great options for fragrances. They also come in varied sizes and shapes and add aesthetic appeal to your house.

3. Take care of the expensive carpets

Roll up the expensive carpets before a rainy day. Do not worry, we are not asking you to roll them up and store till the rain gods stop. When floors are mopped every day to keep the place clean and carpets are rolled out before the floor completely dries, it creates havoc on the carpets. The already moisture-laden air because of the rain can ruin any good carpet and also lead to an unpleasant odor. All you need to do is unroll the carpets only when the floor is completely dry. Getting regular carpet cleaning or rug cleaning done is also a good idea. Professionals use market grade cleaners for the job.

4. Trinkets for pleasure

Did that wind chime beside your window and a book in hand paint a nice picture? Perhaps we should suggest something more to make it better. You can add a windchime next to the window so that it plays a delightful music every time the breeze from the rain is invited in. You can also select curtains in blended fabrics and bright colors. Choosing pastel and light colors reflects more light and brightens up the place. Also, use vibrant color chinaware and tableware to brighten your home even more.

5. Fixing the drainage system

When the rain falls, you would want your drainage system to work. A blocked drainage can lead to stagnant water being gathered. Apart from inconvenience, it also serves as a breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes. One way to ensure that the system is working is by unclogging it regularly. Get a professional plumber to unclog the drains regularly so that the system works effortlessly.

6. Relocation of plants

Indoor plants are a great way to recycle air in your house whilst maintaining your passion for a garden which a small home cannot fulfill. During rains having indoor plants can add to the woes. They attract insects and also increase the moisture content of the air. This results in dampness and other problems associated with dampness. Just for the rains, try to keep your plants outside. Not only will you prevent the problems but also making your plants healthy by getting water regularly.

7. Fixing wires and cracks

Last, but certainly not the least of your concern-get your wires and cracks checked in the house. Unattended or faulty wires during rains can lead to serious accidents. Short circuits can also lead to long hours of power failures and inconvenience. Similarly, cracks can lead to leaks and let the rainwater in. It not only poses a threat to the circuits and appliances in your house but also dampens the walls. Get a professional electrician to help you fix the two problems before the rains come. We also advise you to get the electrical installation in your house (or office) thoroughly checked.

We hope these tips help you enjoy the rains as much as you should. The perfect book and a hot of joe are waiting to be sipped during the rains. Get to it without worrying about anything and leave it to us experts.







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