7 other places your small business can get funds

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Our series of places to get funding from continues. This week, we are featuring 7 of such places that offer to fund different types of businesses. Look through and see if any of them are offering what you are looking for.

1. YIEDP- Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Launched in 2016, this Heritage Bank and CBN initiative, in its pilot phase, seeks to create opportunities for about 10,000 youths and is open to artisans, youth corps members and those with not more than five years of post-NYSC experience.

Collateral requirements for the participation in the program include assets such as academic and NYSC certificates, third-party guarantees and other moveable assets for all the successful candidates.

More information here.

2. US African Development Foundation USADF

USADF’s funding agreements range between $50,000 and $250,000. These grants are given to agricultural cooperatives and small-scale producer groups (An organization formed by a group of small-scale farmers, artisans, or producers to achieve some or all of the advantages of large-scale marketing and production)

community-based organizations CBOS (An organization made up of a group of people who come together to accomplish a common goal or a set of goals tailored to meet the development needs of their community)

African intermediary organizations AIOS (An organization that works directly with very low-income people and underserved groups)


3. CDC

The Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) funds research and non-research public health programs that advance the Agency’s public health mission. Each year, CDC awards approximately 4,200 grants and cooperative agreements.

Find out more here


Acumen provides investments across a broad range of sectors and regions. Sectors including agriculture, education, health, water, housing development and others.

Its investments in West Africa are estimated to be about 6.3 million dollars.

Apply for an investment here

5. African Innovation Foundation

African Innovation Foundation through the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) initiated in 2011, targets breakthroughs in the areas of manufacturing and service industry, health and well-being, agriculture and agribusiness, environment, energy and water and ICTs. Providing 150,000 dollars to winners who deliver market-oriented solutions for African-led development.

Apply here

6. LeadPath

LeadPath offers short, medium and long-term funding to small and medium-sized start-up businesses in areas such as software, web and mobile technologies.

Average investment ranges from $25,000 to $100,000.00 for seed investment and several millions of dollars for follow-on funding series.

Contact LeadPath here

7. Intel Capital

Intel Capital describes itself as the largest venture capital fund ever created to focus on diverse entrepreneurs. The fund totals approximately $125 million, and investments cover a broad spectrum of innovative industries.


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