7 Nigerian Party Essentials

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There is simply no doubt that Nigerians love to party. If you’ve ever had to plan a Nigerian party, you understand how stressful it can be. Nigerians have extremely high expectations. An average Nigerian has been to several parties that keep raising the bar of what defines a great party. This places so much pressure on party planners.

Then, imagine when you’ve gone through so much stress planning, and people still don’t show up for your party. Or the ultimate horror when people actually come but the food isn’t enough. These are some of the things you must consider in your party planning process in order to avoid disaster. Whether you’re planning an “owambe” party or a house party, we’ve created a short list to save you from party planning mistakes.



You need to spread the word and spice it up; raise people’s expectations. Depending on the size of your party, this might include formal publicity like posters or adverts.

However, even if you are planning a house party for just twenty people, word of mouth is very important. Just make sure you are also doing everything to meet those expectations, especially if this is your first party. Nigerians love packaging; you can find ways to make your party sound somewhat exclusive. Don’t worry; it will only make it more attractive.



You probably know this already; there has to be food. Make sure you make arrangements for some sort of food. Whatever food you eventually decide to serve, small chops have to be included. From weddings to house parties, and even clubs, small chops are an essential at Nigerian parties. They will win you several points with your guests.

Don’t forget the fact that one person invites at least three other people. Factor this into your budget, particularly with food. Once people think your party is worth attending, they will invite other people. Don’t risk the horror of the food not being enough. It is better to have excess.

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No food without drinks, right? If you have food, you definitely have to provide drinks. Know your guests and what kind of drinks they would like. Don’t just blindly select drinks based on your own preference. It’s important that your guests are happy.

Great Music

Have you ever been to a party and people start to leave because they don’t like the music? Yes, it happens.

Music is the anchor of every party. Know your crowd and what kind of music that would get them moving. After the food and everything else, the music will keep the party going. Make sure you get a good DJ, or just someone with a good playlist. People don’t really care.

Crowd Puller

This is somewhat related to the first point. “Mr. X is going for that party oh. We have to go”. Mr. X is an example of a crowd puller. Crowd pullers contribute to publicity. You need to make sure you’ve invited at least one or two crowd pullers to your party. There are certain people who are social magnets. They might be celebrities or people who just have a lot of friends. These people will give your party credibility. It’s even more amazing if you can get a crowd puller to serve as the MC, or just to coordinate the party.


This might seem unnecessary, but it makes all the difference. Think about it this way: if people are having so much fun, they will definitely forget to take proper pictures. It’s always nice to have pictures that are not selfies.

Depending on the size of your party, you might not have to hire a professional photographer. A friend with a good phone can stand in as a photographer.


This is also known as a follow-up person. You definitely have at least one or two people around you who just know how to handle situations. If your tailor is not picking your calls, this person calls them and suddenly, your dress is ready. This person is a handler; “handles” people and situations. You need at least one handler at your party.

In the process of planning a party, remember that you can’t handle everything yourself. This is especially the case when you’re the center of attraction e.g. celebrant.

On the day of the party, you may not be able to check if the drinks have been delivered, or if everyone has gotten food. Make sure you designate a person or even people to handle different things for you.

That’s it!

If it sounds like a lot of work, you can just get party planners on VConnect. Happy partying!


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