7 Lessons to Learn From Solo Travelling

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We have often heard about life lessons that you can learn from traveling solo. Traveling with family, friends or in a group is a lot of fun. You get to spend some quality time with the people you love and learn a lot about each other. Traveling solo is about lessons on oneself. One can say that it is an amazing journey into self-discovery. Sure stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy. After all, as humans, we are all social animals.

But traveling solo does not essentially mean that you isolate yourself from the rest of the world. It, in fact, brings you closer to the world outside of your own-that familiar world that you have built over the years and are protective about. So much so, that you do not know what you might miss out on while building it.

Here are 7 Lessons to learn from solo traveling:

1. Know thy self

You will be surprised to know something about you that your otherwise normal life wouldn’t help you to understand. Traveling solo gives you ample time with yourself and helps you ponder over your life and yourself in an insightful manner. For instance, you might think you are an introvert but talking to new people in a different culture might be easier for you than you perceived. Solo traveling helps you challenge yourself, be it understanding a culture, a language, discovering cuisine or figuring out roots, every place and experience helps you bring closer to yourself.

2. Human connect

You meet the same set of people more often in your daily life. Be it your circle of friends or your peers in office, there are not many instances where you get to meet new people. Traveling solo makes you step out of your zone to develop connects. A small greeting in an elevator can move you more than you think. Get to know the stories of the people and the culture. An open mind can get you memories of a lifetime.

3. Making new friends

Yes, you might have enough friends, but since when are friends and loved ones ever enough? Meeting a person from another country or city can be more rejuvenating than you can imagine. You might also find common connections with people.

4. Time alone

It is extremely important to spend some alone time, just time with yourself. It clears your mind and declutters your thoughts which an otherwise 7 to 9 kind of life may not be able to give you.

5. It empowers

I remember when I traveled solo for the first time. It was New York and I was scared to step out alone. But when I discovered routes on my own, easy ways to get to a place on my own, discovered amazing new places on my own, I felt I could I could do all of this on my own! It is extremely empowering to everyone and for personal reasons.

6. Face your fears 

Who would want to go figure things out on one own when all is settled and planned for them? No one right? But you can be destined for greatness if you face your fears and do step out of the cuddly zone that protects you. Traveling solo gives you that confidence!

7. Be whoever you want!

You do not have to be the lawyer who eloquently puts his case forward or the businesswoman who tackles the problem at work with great ease. For a few days (preferably) be whoever you want to be and more!

If you are convinced to travel solo, we should add that you need to take care of your safety first and foremost before you embark upon this journey. Take the help of professional travel agents from Vconnect to help you with the same and take care of all the headaches involved in traveling. Be it tickets, visa, or currency exchange, we have you covered. Happy journey to you all.

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