7 Gorgeous Wedding Cakes You Would Love!

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The options for desserts are plentiful these days. Be it pies, cupcakes, donuts and what not. But if it is a wedding, the cake takes precedence over all of it. Some of the wedding cakes we have seen are almost too good looking to not eat! From hand-painted classics to elaborately worked out cakes. From colorful tiers to personalized wedding cakes that tell the couple’s story. The options available are too many to let the idea of a wedding cake as a centerpiece go out of style.

You can ask a wedding cake professional from Vconnect to work their magic for your wedding day and they will share their own creativity to make it extra special. But you can also take some ideas from these 7 Gorgeous Wedding Cakes You Would Love!

The Classic

Source: marthastewartweddings.com

Classically white or boldly contemporary, reception confections aren’t going away anytime soon. And we have to say, we’re relieved. This couple opted for the classic cake and we absolutely adore the details on the cake. This two-tier sophisticated cake comes with a watercolor floral crest that is topped by a classic floral arrangement. A minimalistic design that is simply gorgeous!

Traditional, yet Contemporary

Source: Pinterest

We are all up for growth and being contemporary, but there is something hauntingly beautiful about our roots and traditions. This couple opted for the traditional cake but wanted a contemporary and a personalized twist! They went with traditional colors and the cake topper but added elements (like the love for travel and accessories) to the cake.


Source: huffpost.com

We love this one for the story it has to tell. The couple met a lecture they were getting bored at and walked out of it together. They discovered a small little place that served delectable pancakes and ended up talking to each other for hours! In hindsight, that was also their first date and first of many afternoons eating pancakes at this joint. They decided to have a two-tiered pancake instead of a cake and had it topped with fresh candied strawberries, cream, and blueberries. They poured maple syrup over the cake before cutting it!


Source: Pinterest

Wedding and wedding cakes are all about celebrating romance, so this couple took it a notch higher. They had the baker inscribe romantic sonnets on this three-tiered creation, keeping it classic with the white and pastel color flowers.


Source: www.fanaru.com

If whites are going to be replaced in a cake, you better go all out! This couple went pastel and colorful with their cake and we love how the colors of each tier are complimenting one another in this gorgeous colorful creation.

An Assortment

Source: www.rosalindmillercakes.com

Is this not a sight to the sore eyes? All we have are heart eyes for this beautiful assortment and presentation of the dessert table that has complimenting desserts on it. Apart from the gorgeous pastel pink cake taking center stage, macaroons and cupcakes are painting a beautiful picture.


Source: www.rosalindmillercakes.com

The botanical garden inspired cake is the last on this list but by no means the least. This inspiration elaborate cake is a mix of hand-painted flowers and complimenting floral work. The tiers are well defined and mildly colored to highlight the work done.

We hope these creations inspire you and help you create your own memorable cake for the special day. Our experts at Vconnect will help you all the way!



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