7 odd but effective tips to improve your Twitter and instantly increase traffic to your website

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Are you struggling to capture the power of Twitter for your business?

You don’t know where to start from and Twitter already seems crowded, with so many experts talking on every topic known to man?

What can you do to stand out?

You can use the following tactics to get more traffic for your website today;

1. Get visual

Don’t think of Twitter as a text-only platform. Add interesting pictures when you put up your links.

Create an image that is designed to do two main things- Be interesting enough to get people to share and arouse curiosity among your followers. Attractive pictures will help your update stand out among other random Tweets.

Studies show that tweets with image links get more engagements than those without. When you tweet a link to your latest post, use one of the images from the post to help drive more clicks on the shared link. The image should also relate directly to the subject of your post, which should help get people to click.

2. Tweet your posts often and strategically

To get the majority of your followers to see your link and click, tweet it at least three times.

Don’t do it in a way that would annoy your audience, tweet using different catchy contents.  Immediately after publishing a new post, put it up on Twitter with the original headline, a link, and a picture from the post.

The next tweet could go up in the next few hours or the next day, but this time with a quote and a link to the post. Schedule your third tweet for a later time, and add a different picture, a link and a question that arouses curiosity among the audience about the post.

Make sure you put it up among other tweets, so you don’t irritate your audience. If done right, this would get you more clicks than tweeting once.

3. Create custom tweets

Make your tweet visible with some custom formatting. For example, you could add a unique font to the usual form of tweets.

Most tweets get lost in the timeline. However, adding emojis, fun symbols and changing fonts can help the tweet to stand out.   Using emoticons increase your retweets and favourites by as much as 57%.

Also, adding an interesting statistical information from your post to the tweet, would have even more impact.  Using numbers and characters will make your tweet stand out among the other tweets your followers get on their timelines.

4. Go straight to the point

Twitter doesn’t give much room to talk.  What with its 140 character limit. So set straight to your point. To get more from the 140-character limit,  shorten your link.

There are so many URL shorteners you can use to shorten links. The commonly used URL shortener is bitly.com. It reduces the space that your link takes in your tweet.

5. Add Hashtags

Tweets with hashtags receive two times more engagement than those without.

Use hashtags related to your post, so that when people search the hashtag, your tweet is visible. Naturally, you’re more likely to get more clicks that way.

Find relevant trending hashtags on “What’s Trending” on Twitter, you may be able to tap into this occasionally. Also, you can search for possible hashtags for your post using Hashtags.org.

Don’t use more than three hashtags per tweet, otherwise, it turns tacky and engagement reduces.

6. Be genuine in your tweets

Show your fun side. Let the audience get to know your kind of personality, sense of humour, likes and dislikes, all mixed in with your professional content.

Make it both interesting and relevant and it will lead to more followers, ultimately driving more traffic to your website.

If your Twitter followers like your unique personality, they are more likely to trust your tweets and visit the links you are tweeting.

7. Include an intriguing quote from the post

Studies show that a link with a quote is 54% more likely to get retweeted. Give your followers something to look forward to when they see your tweet.

Try to find a quote that gives a flavour of the content of your post.

It doesn’t have to be the title of your post all the time, show your followers a little more.

There is a high probability your follower would like the quote and then end up clicking on the link.

How are you using Twitter in your business? Tell us in the comments?


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Rita Etuk is a Content Developer at VConnect and blog.vconnect.com. She is an avid reader, a movie critic, and a huge fan of Lana Del Rey.

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