7 Eco-Friendly Beautiful Floors For Your Space

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Now generally one associates eco-friendly to something that probably may not be great on the aesthetic appeal, even though it is creative. Add to that, eco-friendly flooring sure does sound questionable, doesn’t it? But professionals are seeking creative ways to meet the demands of the savvy clients who seek environmental friendly options for designs for homes and office spaces. It is not just the need of the hour considering the rising level of pollution and its related problems, but it is also appeasing aesthetically.

Adebowale Adebayo is the CEO of Luxury Finishing that specializes in epoxy flooring, 3D epoxy flooring. Metallic flooring, Customized flooring, and Reflective flooring. He shares with us his experience and some amazing options one can go with for flooring in confined spaces. It is professionals like him who have stepped up and given the design world options that are unique and beautiful.

Here are 7 Eco-Friendly Beautiful Floors For Your Space

1. Glass Tiles

What happens to the countless glass bottles of wines and liquor after you are done with them? They are recycled into many products and one of the best would be glass tiles for flooring. They are a great option for bathroom and kitchen, on the floor as well as for the walls. Glass does not mild dew and does not stain easily. In other words, it is easy to maintain and clean.

2. Cork

One of the most popular eco-friendly options for flooring is cork. It is also one of the newest options to join the flooring option world. The cork oak tree is found in the Mediterranean which is harvested to get cork flooring material. Apart from looking good, it is a natural insect repellant and also easy to maintain. They are also long lasting and good quality cork floors can last up to 30 years.

3. Bamboo

Culturally, many Asian countries used bamboo as an option of furniture, flooring or woodwork in their homes/offices. There is merit in learning from them. Why? Because it is actually essentially grass that shares characteristics with hardwood. Easy to maintain and install, bamboo is sustainable and lasts long. Variety in types and textures of bamboo also give one many options to choose from a per their liking.

4. Polyester Berber

P.E.T or Polyester Berber is a sustained carpet flooring that can be considered for office spaces especially.  It is made of recycled plastic bottles and has a minimal impact on the environment. For every plastic bottle that is used to create this carpet, it is one less sitting in our landfills.  There are several benefits to this recycled material. It is durable, spill resistant and comes in a variety of aesthetically pleasing colors and patterns. It typically has a flecked appearance making it suitable for most color schemes.

5. Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed hardwood is for those who have their heart set on wood flooring and would not want to resort to environmental harming methods (like deforestation) to attain that. Reclaimed wood uses wood from trees that were chopped off long long time ago. It can look good in older homes or homes that are beach houses. The other option is to go with wood that is certified FSC or a similar body. That is wood that adheres to environmental and social standards.

6. Concrete

One of the most commonly used option and might we add, readily available. It is used in residential as well as an office setting. It is tinted and polished and then used to as a flooring option. The polish and tint can be as per the space owner’s taste, making it customizable.  From creating a tiled effect with different colors to inlaying other materials such as glass the design possibilities are endless. Concrete is extremely durable, easy to clean and never needs to be replaced.

7. Linoleum

Created from a concoction of naturally occurring materials, Linoleum is as eco-friendly as it gets. It is formed by a mixture of linseed oil, wood flour, tree resins, ground limestone, and pigments. It is fire retardant and exists in vibrant colors and designs in the market.

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