7 Beautiful Cake Ideas for this Holiday Season

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Cookies and candies usually get all the glory during the holiday season, but you can look at alternatives this year! Cakes make for a great dessert option and look great at a party/get together. Deck the rooms with frosting and sugar and top off the holiday dinner with a beautiful looking dessert. The decadent cake serves as a good-looking centerpiece. You can also use it as part of the theme of your holiday party. A sprinkle of powdered sugar on top of a normal chocolate cake makes them look magical. Imagine the power of a Christmas theme cake then! Christmas theme cakes add to the holiday cheer and work well for the sweet tooth.

Here are 7 beautiful cake ideas for the holiday season:

The Present Cake

Fondant can be used to shape the cake into anything you want. Instead of a fondant, you can also use white chocolate. You can make this cake at home as well. Just back a square shaped cake and cover it with white fondant. Instead of elaborate details, just put an edible bow on top of it. Do not want to make so much effort? Just communicate that to the baker! Get in touch with the cake baking experts registered on Vconnect to discuss more ideas.

Candy Cane Cake

On top of a black forest, cake put candy canes as decorative pieces. You can also crush candy canes and put them in whipped cream in between the layers. It is as easy as it sounds! A professional baker will help you with this cake in a professional way.

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Ginger Bread House

The classic gingerbread! Pick a single flavor or use a mix of flavors for the elements of the cake. Toppings can also be exciting in this one and inventive. Powdered sugar is a must for the roof or coconut shavings work just as well. Check with the baker what would work best before placing the order. Have your cake and eat it too along with an “It’s a wonderful life” and other Christmas movies!

Rudolph the Reindeer

The reindeer cake is a cute conversation starter. Have mini cupcakes in a similar theme as part of the cake too. This one is a favorite with regard to a cake for a centerpiece.

The Ugly Sweater Party

Christmas or holiday sweaters can only be worn around that season. That is why these days Christmas parties or days are celebrated as “Ugly sweater day” to put a fun spin to the celebration. You do not have a beautiful cake, a delicious dessert but also a fun theme for your party.

Winter is Coming

The winter wonderland theme can be a hit, especially considering it only snows in high elevations in Africa that are usually not easily accessible. Get the best of the winter season by a winter theme party!

Christmas Tree Cake

What is Christmas without a tree? If you do not want a tree decorated at your house because of space challenges, just get a cake themed as a Christmas tree!

We hope these ideas help to add the extra fun to your parties this season. Log on to the Vconnect website and get in touch with the experts for some good looking and delicious cakes!


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