7 Awesome Christmas Party Decor Hacks

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Santa Claus is coming to town and what are you doing about it? Parties are a great start to the holiday season. Welcoming the nip in the air along with the series of events that happen in winter. Meeting up with friends, making the best of the holidays by making time for family and exchanging presents. While the company is first and foremost important, so is the milieu. Where you hold the many get-togethers and parties matter just as much. And how you hold them matters even more.

With so many people pouring in, you would want your house to look a bit different than usual and revel in the spirit of Christmas. Here are 7 easy and awesome Christmas party decor hacks to glam up your party!

Photo booth

Props make for a great way to capture memories. Have a designated family member stand or a friend stand as the photographer who captures the fun and frolic in the most creative way possible. Photo props give a chance to let your hair down and pose in a unique way. They also make for an awesome holiday montage for friends later as capturing these memories is going to make a memory for life.

Light it up

Christmas is all about lights. Use easy techniques to make the Christmas lights even more decorative. Use a spray paint to color the plastic light strings and make them look glamorous. You can also put the light strings inside a nice (used) wine bottle to make them stand out. Using glow in the dark paints to paint the bottles adds that extra luminescence to the bottle.

Candy cane holders

Make it fancy! Use candy canes to hold name tags at the table for your guests. You can hand a lightweight name card (easily available at any stationary shop) at the end of the candy cane and place it on every seating at the table. Your guests can eat the canes once done with their dinner too!

Party favors

Use store-bought lollypops and glaze them with a bit of sugar water. Pour edible sprinkles over the lollypops for them to stick and add that festive spirit to candies that can be consumed with the beverages you are serving. You can also make cake based lollypops dipped in white chocolate and give them out as party favors.

DIY trees

There are many simple ways of making a mini Christmas tree. One of them is to buy small potted plants and decorate the same. Place them across the room. Take inverted birthday/party hats and cover them with aluminum foil or gold paper/silver paper. Place a star on top and put a ribbon around them to make them look Christmasy. One other way to have mini trees as centerpieces or room decor is to fold green and red napkins alternatively in triangles and place them as a tree on a table.

Hanging the wreaths

Hanging a beautiful wreath makes for a good Christmas decor. Put pasting them on the door may ruin the wood or the paint when you are taking them off. You can just hand them using ribbons on a nail. To make them look even more beautiful you can tie multiple wreaths in succession or perhaps make a handmade one using a bright scarf.


All it takes is a stencil and a glue gun to make your very own snowflakes. If they are not available in the market, just use this trick and stick them on the window. This gives a very winter land feel. You can also add cotton balls to the room for effect.

We at Vconnect wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year! Get in touch with our experts to meet your party requirements and throw some of the best holiday parties this season. All it takes is logging on to the website and book a Vconnect professional.


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