6 secret tips to achieve all your goals before the end of the year

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“Happy New Year,” your neighbor shouts. You reply, excited: “I wish you the same.”

It feels like that happened yesterday.  But it’s nine months into the new year, and you are yet to achieve your big, hairy and audacious 2016 goals.  It’s easy to suspect you’ve been uniquely cursed in not being able to keep with your goals and resolutions. Alas, you are not.

In fact, as much as 92% of people who make new-year resolutions are unable to stick with them.

Another good news is that you can begin to achieve those goals right now and have them all in the bag before the year is out. The following tips will help you achieve your goals before the end of the year.

1. Ditch the negativity

Give yourself a break from negative thoughts. Give yourself a thorough mind detoxification. Decide from today, not to dwell on any form of negativity. It’s tough especially when you think of all the things you should have achieved.  But negativity will drain your life force. Use the words “I can and I will” often.

2. Write your goals down (again)

With the absence of negativity, your mind is clear, and you have a positive outlook on your goals. The best thing to do at this point is; write them down. When you’ve done so, you are forced to stay on track and reach them.

3. Just start

Annie Ashdown, author of the bestseller, “The Confidence Factor” recommends one of the best ways to achieve goals is to make it happen. “Start with the toughest action that you fear most. This will make the rest of them so much easier to accomplish. The only way to overcome fear is to walk through it,” she says.

When you start with the most audacious of your goals, you can get rid of the fear of getting stuck and plow through the rest of your goals.

4. Set a time limit

Once you have your goals down again, create your plan and break it down to daily activities. Then, give yourself a deadline. It makes it easier this way.

For example, “I plan to lose 15kg of my body weight, before December 1st”. This would involve a step by step plan; you’ll answer the questions; “How many times do I need to work out in a week? How many calories do I need burn per day?”.

Or maybe you need to learn new skills, “How much do I need to learn this skill? What resources or contact would be helpful? How long would it take?” This granular details will give a more realistic handle on your goals.

5. Keep a diary

Keep track of your progress by writing a diary. Your entries don’t have to be long, or you’ll get overwhelmed and stop. It could be your everyday thoughts. This will make you realize how far you’ve come and what happens next.

6. Get snapshots of inspirational words and your goals

Get pictures of inspirational words and paste on the wall or somewhere you can constantly look at them. Make sure you inspire yourself daily.

What are your goals for 2016? What plans are you putting in place to realize your goals? Don’t forget to jot them down and start the journey towards that dream. Turning your dreams into a reality can be accomplished, and it all begins by setting realistic goals. Yes, you can do it before the year runs out.

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Rita Etuk

Rita Etuk is a Content Developer at VConnect and blog.vconnect.com. She is an avid reader, a movie critic, and a huge fan of Lana Del Rey.

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