6 Adorable Theme Cakes for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

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I remember when I was a child, I loved birthday parties! It didn’t really matter to me whether it was my birthday or someone else’s, because every child got a gift on a birthday. Now that it is time to host a kid’s birthday party myself, I am at loss. Not because  I don’t know what to do, but because there is so much to do!

There are so many choices in the market these days, that people are bound to get confused. What would their children really like? Well, at least there is no question about having a cake or not. You do know they love cakes, but what kind of cake?

Our party planning and cake baking professionals registered on Vconnect shared their insight to help me out on what kind of theme cakes are trending these days for your child’s birthday. It sure did help me! I hope it helps you too.

Here are 6 Adorable Theme Cakes for Your Kid’s Birthday Party:

Superhero theme

Every child has a favorite superhero or a superhero they get most excited watching. For me, it was Spiderman growing up and it kept changing over the years. The best thing about children is the fact that they tell exactly how they feel and what they want. There is no filter, no lies and no keeping up appearances. Take the hint from your child and get him or her the cool superhero cake that they want. For instance, this cool Black Panther cake is sure to get them super excited.

Disney Characters

Generations have grown up on Disney’s characters and the generation next is no exception to that. There are a host of Disney characters that come alive on a cake just as well as on the screen. Be it the little mermaid, Mickey mouse or Elsa, there are a host of choices and your child is bound to like at least one. If not, just go for a generic Disney theme cake instead of focussing on one character.

Favorite Food

A burger for a birthday cake, not a good idea is it? How about a birthday cake designed to look like a burger? Birthday cakes can be made into shapes of the favorite food of your child. You can go with any junk food that they eat the most or any food that they like actually. It can be chocolates, their favorite drink etc.

Colorful Tiers

Kids love a lot of colors and drama. Go simple, yet creative with a multi-tiered cake that is colorful and has elements like stars, balloons, streamers etc. made out of fondant added to it. It is easier than trying to think of a character that your child would love. Multi-tiered cakes also have a lot of drama going on and appear huge, making your child happier with the sheer size of the cake.

Animal Faces

My niece loves and adores elephants, so for her birthday guess what we did? We got an elephant face cake and she absolutely loved it. You can do more by introducing your child and their friends to the idea of kindness towards animals. Nigeria (and Africa) has one of the richest diversity with regard to animals, and a fun party can also be informative in this sense. Do it in a funny way by using puppets and funny voices. That’s what we did and it worked like a charm!

Age Cake

Age is just a number when we are “old”. But not to a child! It is a milestone. With every year and the sense that they are “older,” they are excited. About the new lessons that it will come up, the new things that they will “get to do” and the year that will be next. Let your child enjoy that because we all know what happens when we turn 30! We want the clock to rewind, don’t we?

We hope the theme of the cakes gives you a good idea about what to do for your child’ birthday. You can have the decor, games and other elements of the party planned accordingly. Get in touch with a professional from Vconnect today and we will help you out!

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