5 Ways to Make Sure You Keep the New Year Resolutions

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Did we inspire you enough to make resolutions in the new year? Not yet? Well, that’s alright. Because we are ALSO going to tell you how to keep your resolutions. Apart from the fact that Vconnect can actually help you realize some of the resolutions (as given in our last blog of the year 2018), we can also give you an easy “keep at it” list that makes this year an exception. An exception because this time you will actually keep your resolutions.

Keeping resolutions is extremely tough because you need to stay constantly motivated. One tends to aim lower just so they can make sure that the resolution is kept. What they do not realize is that not realizing an easy resolution can further dampen your spirit and confidence. “Resolutions are meant to be broken”, that is a cliche that needs to change. Of course, it would be a perfect world if we do not need the leverage of a resolution to complete certain tasks, but as long as the tradition is intact, let us find ways to honor it!

Here are 5 Ways to Make Sure You Keep the New Year Resolutions:

1. Set real goals

It is important to be realistic with your goals. We are not telling to set low targets, but do not push yourself too hard and beat yourself up if you fail a few days. It is important to realize that the biggest ‘pro’ of having a resolution is to make yourself feel good at the end of achieving it. A pros and cons list will help you get there in an informed way and so will its utility in your life.

2. Outline a resolution

Do not wait till the last minute to make a resolution. For example, coming up with a resolution on 31st December (not to mention when you are in high spirits) never works! Instead, plan a resolution a month in advance and outline the plan of getting there. It will help to set a month on month target for yourself which gradually increases in difficulty level instead of going all in. If you haven’t that already, don’t sweat! Now is always a good time!

3. Share

Yes, motivation to achieve something always comes from within but friends and family help. Share your resolutions with people who will help you keep it. Often people can be demotivating and hamper your zest by belittling the resolution you have in mind or simply by expressing that you cannot do it. Try to share your resolution with people who will keep you motivated and probably have their own resolutions to achieve as well. This will help you channel your energy in a better way and also take the criticism in your stride so that it pushes you harder.

4. Track your progress

73% of resolutions made are fitness related. Which makes it easy to track it. If you have a said goal with regard to the weight loss you want, track your progress regularly on a weekly or monthly basis. It is important to track your progress keeping a calendar or some sort of measurement parameter that helps you to stay updated with where you are and where you want to be.

5. Reward yourself

Have a set of mini-achievements throughout the year before you reach the ultimate goal. Reward yourself everytime you are closer to achieving your goal and when you reach the final destination. Of course, having your resolution fulfilled is the ultimate prize, but smaller tokens of appreciation always help!

We hope you are able to stay motivated and keep at your resolutions! Our Vconnect professionals will also help you stay in the game. Remember to have fun with your resolutions. If this is an exam, it is the one that you should enjoy giving! Happy New Year to all of you, from all of us!

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