5 Ways to Know Your Customers and Satisfy Them

If you were asked if you knew your customers, what would your response be? Would you say yes because your customers are often physically present at your store to patronize and you’ve possibly recognized their faces? Or because you have a list of those that constantly buy from you?

Our Dear Business Owners, Knowing your customers goes beyond any of the responses, it is a process of engaging yourself in some simple tactics to fulfill the quality needs of your customers and getting them satisfied. You may wonder how to go about this.

Remember, VConnect is in business to help you improve your business by showing you WAYS and HOW… In this article, we’ll show you five simple ways to help you know your customers and satisfy them and we hope you find them helpful.

Before you read, you need to understand the common fact that customers are the live wire of a business; as live wires, they are meant to be valued. We need to ensure our services/products or ideas we offer delight them.If you want to delight your customers, don’t assume you already know what’s important to your customers; don’t assume that everyone’s challenges and reasons for buying (or not buying) are the same. Don’t assume that what worked for the previous person is going to work for the next one, or what worked for a customer last year is what will work for them next year.  These five tips will help you KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS AND SATISFY THEM:


In most cases, sellers don’t have time to listen to their customers because they are too focused on the inside. This will not help. Instead, ask some effective questions that will help you understand the customers, how their world is changing, what is working and not working, and where you can help. You can simply engage your customers in a meaningful face-to-face conversation, the more you know, the easier it will be, not only to engage them, but to make a real and sustainable difference for them.If you’re into corporate sales, ask your marketing department to consider conducting buyer-focused interviews to uncover buyer perceptions, motives, processes and influences.

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What’s your approach to your customers? How do you treat them? Ensure you have qualified, well-mannered and friendly personnel at your customer’s service desk. Welcome them with a good smile and If they are coming for the first time greet them well. Statements like “Please how may we help you?” and “thank you, have a great day” when they leave, gives them confidence at your store. On their special occasions, send them greeting if you are aware, you can do this via text, calls or mail.They feel valued.


How often do you visit your customers that’s if you do at all. If you are new in business, it makes for an easier sale. Customers look forward to your visit. They already want to do business with you. They seek you out. When you check on them, they feel cherished, honored and most likely satisfied doing business with you.


In cases of complaints, rejection or service failure, respond on time. Everybody makes mistake, but don’t repeat it, don’t be harsh or anyway aggressive. Instead,address matters amicably, let them know you understand how they feel. Be friendly enough, speak softly with them either on phone or one-on-one and make way for compensation and do this on time.


Avoid complaining about your staff or sales rep or telling your personal problems to your customers. It is unprofessional for a company. It will affect your own reputation and also the affect the company’s operation because the customers already understand your loopholes.

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Bear in mind that your customers are the pillars of your business. Fulfilling their quality needs is their biggest satisfaction. Know that if a customer has satisfactory service experiences with your company, his overall perception will be heavily influenced by the satisfactory service and he tends to bring in more customers for you.

So value them; appreciate them. We humbly advise that you give your best to your customers and in turn enjoy your business. We love to see your business grow, drop your comments and contact us for help on more strategies to grow your business.





Anuoluwapo Sotunde

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