5 ways the new VConnect upgrades will improve your experience

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From the shiny new Samsung S7 and the heavy-duty Nikon DSLR to self-development courses and lifestyle services, there is an intimidating collection of products and services on VConnect. All these account for millions of visitors on VConnect.com every day.

But we know that behind every great product or service, is a great business selling it. There are over 1.2 million local businesses registered on VConnect, and that number is growing at a rapid clip. We want to make the process of finding these businesses as easy as possible. It’s why we have hunkered down for the past few months to improve the website.

We added a couple of cool new upgrades to VConnect such as our intelligent search, adaptive review engine, and curated business lists.

Here are five ways these updates will improve your experience on VConnect:

1. An easier way to find

A prominent and granular search bar

VConnect is your gateway to a vast collection of local businesses, products, and services. To help you easily find and buy from these businesses, we have upgraded the look, feel, and functionality of our search bar.

The search bar is now set prominently in the middle of your screen against the background of beautiful cityscapes.

The design is intuitive. We’ve also layered a hyperlocal component where you can filter your results by your location.

What this means is that you get only the most relevant results. No fluff.

2. A results page that shows only what matters

A new minimalist results page

Seeing as we are focusing on making it easier for you to find businesses with our new upgrades, we’d be remiss if we didn’t improve the look of our results page.

Our results page now comes in a flat looking design, with a liberal use of colours. Search results are now intelligent. The engine returns related results across businesses, products, and services.

You can further narrow down your results by using filters on the result page.

3. You get collections of the best businesses around you

Business Lists

We are serious about helping you find the right local businesses. That’s we added a business curation tool called Business Lists. The Business Lists help you find what businesses do best in providing a particular service. E.g. 24-hour pharmacies in Surulere.

Because different people have different interests, we give you the power to create your own lists.

4. An insight into what’s on trend

Activity Feed

More than a directory, more than a marketplace. VConnect is a network of buyers and sellers. On the left side of the homepage, you can see your latest activities on VConnect. More importantly, you’ll see what other people in your network are liking, sharing and rating. You can follow businesses, other users and be up-to-date on what businesses they visit.

5. An easier way to share your experiences with local businesses

Review engine

It’s never been easier to share your thoughts on a local business. Our new review engine suggests businesses you’ve recently visited and makes it easy for you to share your honest, unique thoughts.

Now, you can reply reviews in a thread, and vote them as helpful, unhelpful or report them as offensive. Our focus with this redesign is to help you discover a broader range of local businesses, services and products. 

Your new VConnect is waiting for you at vconnect.com.

Give It A Whirl


We rely on your feedback to make the experience the best it can be for you. Share your feedback in the comments. As always, we’ll be listening and taking your thoughts seriously.


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Gbenga Onalaja

Gbenga Onalaja was the former Content Strategist at VConnect and blog.vconnect.com. He oversaw the VConnect Blog, an SME blog dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start and run small businesses. He specializes in long-form content, email marketing, SEO, and reporting compelling brand stories. Follow him on Twitter @onalaja_

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