5 Trendy Hairstyles for Natural Hair

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So many women are making the decision to stop chemically processing their hair. However, you get to a point where you seem to have run out of hairstyle ideas. Depending on the texture and length of your natural hair, it may initially seem like relaxed hair is more versatile. That is actually not true.

Okay, you’ve co-washed your hair, what next? If you have natural hair, you know the struggle of shrinkage. Your hair looks like it’s finally growing, then you wash it and it becomes half of its length or even shorter.

If you’re a naturalista, the problem isn’t that your hair can’t be styled. It’s just that you don’t know the different ways to style it.

Well, look no further because we have picked five of the trendiest hairstyles that will work for your natural Nigerian hair. The best part is that these styles are simple enough to be done at home!



From two-strand twists to flat twist-outs. There are so many styles you can get from twisting your hair. Step up your twists with flexi rods otherwise know as bendy rollers, or perm rods. You can do conventional two strand twists for a couple of weeks and then loosen it out and rock a twist-out. When the twist-out has lost all the curls, you can comb it out and rock your Afro. How incredible is that? That’s like a three-in-one style. The greatest perk of doing twists is that you can do them in so many different ways.

Crochet Hair


Recently, crochet hair has been extremely popular. It is also quite easy and quick to install. Another great thing about it is, it can still give you that natural hair look. It can actually look exactly like your natural hair. There are also different hairstyles you can do with crochet. To get the versatility of the style, it’s important that you use the proper braid pattern. Typically, a cornrow “woven all-back” base would be ideal for almost all crochet styles. However, to get different styles, you can follow any of these braid patterns.

Bantu knots


Several international celebrities have rocked this hairstyle, one of whom is Rihanna. This hairstyle is only for the daring and fearless. As a Nigerian, Bantu knots give you a sense of heritage and roots. We can’t explain it. It just makes you feel like a beautiful village maiden. You can braid your hair with hair attachment to give you bigger Bantu knots.

However, if you’re not so eager to take up that African challenge in public, you can try a Bantu knot-out. What is that? It’s simple. Just loosen the Bantu knots gently. Don’t comb them out. Your hair would’ve formed into nice tight ringlets. Then use your fingers to arrange your hair into a nice shape. This gives a new dimension to the regular curly Afro.

The Up-Dos: Puffs and Buns


You can never go wrong with puffs and buns. There are so many puffy hairstyles: space buns, low buns, half up/half down buns, etc.

If your natural hair isn’t long and you think this style won’t work for you, think again. Space buns are one of the current major hair trends, even for women with relaxed hair. If your hair can’t make a huge bun, add some kinky hair attachment to make the space buns look a lot fuller. On the other hand, if you don’t want to look like a 5-year old, try the top knot or low bun. Whichever way you want to pull it off, an up-do is very trendy.



You weren’t expecting this right? Wigs are very much in vogue. For natural hair, they are a great protective style while your hair is neatly tucked in cornrows. There are so many styles of wigs to choose from; straight, curly, kinky, and even braid wigs. Wigs save you from bad hair days, lazy days, and emergencies. They also provide the look of a weave without the stress of sewing it in.

And that rounds it up! There are several other hairstyles that can be derived from the ones stated above. However, once you have the basic hairstyle idea, you’re on your way to being trendy.

You can switch up the look of these styles by adding some colour to the tips of your hair, or even your whole hair. Yes, natural hair can be dyed. Just make sure you let a professional do it for you.

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