5 Super Awesome Ways to Make His Valentine’s Special

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Valentine’s day is a beautiful day to mark the love between two people. We do think that every day with your loving partner should be a celebration and rejoiced for its sheer existence, but there is just something special about celebratory days.  A birthday or an anniversary is a celebration as well but Valentine’s day brings the celebration to a larger space. When the world is celebrating the cupid’s existence, why must you not?

So here are 5 super awesome ways to make his valentines special:

Leave love messages

Start the day (or even countdown to it) by leaving sweet messages for him to discover. It can be in the form of cards, post-its, or anything at all. Try to slip in the note in places he is bound to discover it in. like the place he dresses up, his coat pocket, the lunch box, his car etc. Discovering sweet messages any time of the day (especially if it is not going well) is bound to put a small on his face.

Gourmet Food

Well, you have probably been cooking every night but why not make this special. Learn something new and add the romantic elements to it. Aromatic candles, beautiful plate setting, some champagne perhaps and more.

Plan a date night!

More often than not, the planning part of a celebration is left to the man and the execution. Even if that is not the case with you, the lifestyle we all lead leaves us asking for more with regard to spending quality time with our partner. Add kids to the mix, and the ‘alone’ time reduces even more. Plan your day such that you can steal a couple of hours with each other. It can be as simple as watching a movie together but make sure it is something that you have been meaning to watch. A more elaborate plan would entail you to make reservations for an exclusive dinner. A lot of hotels/restaurant provide the service happily on this day every year. Make sure to include personal elements in your dinner.

Game Night

Most men would love the uninterrupted time of gaming and you could have fun with it as well. Plan a game night where you can invite other couples if you please or just create an atmosphere of gaming. Bring in his favorite games with the brewskies he loves. Throw in a quick platter of tasty treats and enjoy time together. You could also gift him some sports gear that he has always wanted, or pick up a sport/fitness activity together this Valentine’s day!

Spa for him

This one is the simplest because all you have to do is log on to the website of Vconnect. Find the best spa professionals for your husband and book a relaxing massage. You could get a couple’s massage as well, making it an activity that both of you can enjoy together. There are options to get a professional even in the comfort of your home without getting out of the house. Or if you do want to get out and have a relaxing massage without the hassle of waiting, book one now from Vconnect as well.

We hope these ideas work for you and give you and your partner Valentine’s day you deserve. Here’s to many years of love and happiness together.


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