5-point checklist: How to rebrand your Nigerian SME

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Your business needs a brand customers can easily identify. That way, your brand is the distinguishing hallmark of your business and what type of service or product you offer.

So if you haven’t thought it through what kind of brand you want, now will be a great time to do that. There are different directions you can go with this, do you want to be the warm, cheerful brand? The conservative brand? The classy brand?

Whatever image you want, there are some key things you need to consider, things like how you will be perceived by your customers and your bottom line.

If you already have a brand, rebranding is also necessary to give your business a fresh look. This is a perfect way to change your target market or to show you are abreast of trends, so if you feel as if your business is no longer appealing to your customers, then change things up.


First off, determine what your current identity is, then decide what your new identity.

Look at your business and identify what is working and what isn’t. Ensure you don’t change what is already working for you.

You can determine what changes you need to make and what to keep unchanged by talking to your long-term customers.

Encourage honest feedback from them and then create a plan for what your new brand will be from the input you have gotten.

Also, look at the industry your business is in, observe what changes others have made that worked,  adjust your brand to fit what works based on your observations.


Have a plan of action that highlights what is wrong, how you plan to fix the problem, and when all the changes are going to take place.

Make a list of all the marketing parts of your business that will need to be updated such as this would include; logos, signs, websites, social media and more.

One of the strategies to use is to have a story for your brand.  An evocative brand story will hold your audience’s attention and drives growth.

Businesses with the greatest success have incorporated human experiences into their brand story where the tale includes their values, ethics, and culture.

Ease your way in

Implementing a brand change all at once can sometimes be jarring for customers.

Hint at the imminent change, use social media teasers to help customers anticipate the change coming.

Attach a launch date and have your campaigns create suspense, giving your customers due notice.

Take as much care as you think necessary to ensure it is a smooth and seamless transition.

This way when you eventually implement the changes across board the customers are aware of the new brand.

Initiate changes

It is important to implement your new brand identity across all platforms and communications. Let your website and all business communications indicate your new identity

Make sure you communicate your new brand identity to the marketplace and ensure that your employees are prepared to follow all the new brand guidelines.

Use this as an opportunity to tell your brand story. Why you decided to make the changes you did and what customers can look forward to.

Monitor your progress

Track the progress of your rebranding, new brands can take a while for customers to get used to; you might need to make some adjustments to what doesn’t work.

However, be consistent with the changes you have made. Remind your customers of your new brand as often as possible.

This way customers are reminded of the change and come to associate this new identity with your brand.


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