5 Essential Details You Should Not Ignore While Designing a Business Card

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A business card is the first point of contact of your organization with a potential client. It is not just an identification but also a marketing tool if used wisely. Often people don’t spend much time on the business card design or the quality of it. This is primarily due to the fact that you need the basic marketing collaterals of your organization (like the visiting card, letterheads, etc.) to be in place as soon as possible.

We are here to tell you that you need to think this through. You should not rush into the making of a business card just so you have it in place and can start your meetings. We do not have to tell you that going to client meetings without one is kind of unprofessional (not to mention inconvenient). So why not go to a meeting with the right kind of business card. Our Vconnect design professionals will ensure that receive the perfect one on time!

Our professionals may be the right people to go to for the perfect business card, but there are things you should know. Here are 5 Essential Details You Should Not Ignore While Designing a Business Card:

Details are important


What you put on your business card is extremely vital. We suggest you give this a thought. Contact information (every possible contact that is) is extremely vital. Be it your work number, email, office numbers, address or a fax number. Put down every possible contact information for your client to reach you. Do not crowd your visiting card with too much information. Using the front and back side of the card and a relevant font will make the business card look cleaner.

Marketing Collateral

Use your business card as marketing collateral. That is, put down the brand details of your company on your card. Your website, social media presence or pages or any other digital footprint. If you have special certifications, putting that down as well is a good idea.

Go the extra mile

Spend some time on your business card. Whether it is choosing the colors of the business card or the font, spend some time with different versions of the card till you find the one you like. It is also important to choose the colors that are relevant to the card and follow a set of brand guidelines for your company while designing the card. For instance, how should your logo appear on the business card? Go for different shapes than a standard rectangle card. If you have a creative line of work, that is always a good idea.

Paper Quality

Do not compromise on the quality of the paper of the card. It should be thick enough to not get torn easily and thin enough to not be bulky. It is a good idea to get your visiting cards laminated so that the tearing of the cards is not easy. Some forms of lamination also make the card water repellant, ensuring that contact with water (say on a rainy day) does not ruin them.

Pocket Size 

Even when you choose different shapes and sizes for your business card, do not go overboard with it. It is important for the card to fit in the pocket or the wallet of your client. If you feel the shape and information of the card is to your liking and you do not wish to compromise on that, you can go for foldable visiting cards. If the visiting card does not fit in the wallet/pocket of your potential client or contact, chances are they will lose it.

We hope these ideas help. Get in touch with an expert from Vconnect to get ideas on designs and make sure you get the business cards on time and of the quality you deserve.




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