5 Easy Party Makeup Tricks for the Holiday Season

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Women are infamous for taking all the time in the world to get ready. Well, the cliche is mostly true because there is so much to do. Pick an outfit, the perfect shoes, accessorize it well and then complete it with a good look. A makeup that lasts as long as your party does and makes you look refreshing the entire evening. So what do you do this holiday season where you not only host your own parties but also have a lot of events to attend? You have to look your best and yet do not have much time to get ready over and over again.

Here are some party makeup hacks that are quick to apply and make you look your best just as much as spending all that time would. What’s more is you will get ready in no time surprising those waiting for you to get ready. We have for you 5 Easy Party Makeup Tricks for the Holiday Season:

1. Glitter

Glitter is an easy and a nice way to add the festive spirit to your look. Bright and bold colors always stand out and help your look revel in the spirit of the festivities. Using a glitter nail paint adds sparkle to your outfit in a matter of minutes. What’s more is your nail look like they have had a wonderful nail spa! Go for it this Christmas season.

2.Luscious eyelashes

Voluminous eyelashes are always a good idea. Applying multiple coats on top and bottom lash will help your look a great deal. Make your eyes pop by adding a cobalt blue, dark green or burgundy eyeshadow on your lashes. You can dust it gently to make them look more voluminous.

3. Bold party Lips

You can never go wrong with a bold lip color. A red lip color is always trending, but you can also go for colors like burgundy and wine. Condition your lips with non-tinted chapstick to moisturize it. This not only prevents your lips from chapping but makes the lipstick last longer. The lip balm should also be non-oily and hydrating. Patt a little foundation powder or concealer over your lipstick as well to make it last longer.

4. Glowing makeup 

To save time, apply a tinted moisturizer. For the glow, sweep a bit of liquid highlighter in gold (if your skin is a deeper hue) and pink (if your skin is a lighter hue) onto your brows and cheekbones. Do this after you apply the blush. A little shimmer to your look goes well with the festive spirit.

5. Hashtag smokey eyes

Source: southbeachofficial.com

No, we are not talking about a social media handle. To get the smokey eyes effect as fast as possible, apply the eye pencil as a three-stroke hashtag. After you have done that, smudge the shadow outwards. The steps are illustrated in the picture above.

We hope you look your best this festive season and look your best in no time at all. If you do not want to go through any trouble at all and get ready stress-free, call a makeup professional from Vconnect. Book a specialist from our official website to get the best of the products that work well on your skin and give you a lasting look for any kind of party this season!

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