5 Awesome Birthday party theme ideas for your partner

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Birthdays are a special way to tell the person you love that you are glad they were born. After all that lead to them coming into your life! After your own birthday, if there is an important birthday to plan, it is that of your partner. Planning the perfect birthday for your partner can be stressful but if done right, extremely rewarding. Getting the birthday cake from your favorite cake baker is only a start. These days there are a lot of ways to creatively have your cake made, adding personal elements to it. A cake baker from Vconnect will lend you a patient ear to get it right. Usually, the theme of the birthday can be based on what they like and it is easier to pull it off than you think.

Here are five awesome themes that are mostly DIY and you can easily have them executed with the help of a party planner from Vconnect.

1. For the movie buff

A movie theme based party can be a lot of fun. Plan it on the basis of a Nollywood Awards theme night or an Oscar party with the invite and the red carpet rolled out. You can have fun movie theme games at the party and award the winners with a replica of the Oscars which is available online. You can have movie screenings as well in different rooms with dollops of butter smelling popcorns for snacks.

2. For the adrenaline junkie

Instead of holding a party indoors, hold one outdoors. Or better still plan an adventure trek with your friends and your partner on his birthday. Certain elements of a regular party like a theme based cake that can be cut after a task are completed. Not only will your partner be doing what he loves but will do it with all his close ones who share his passion.

3. Video game marathon

Every house will find a passionate video game addict. How about a PlayStation tournament to mark his birthday? Even if you are not into, plan a game night with his friends and take part in what you can. After doing something that your partner loves is as important as doing what you both love. No other better day to show it than his birthday, right?

4. Gift hunt maze

When we were kids we used to enjoy treasure hunts. Bring back his childhood by having a gift hunt for him. You can also leave personal notes by all his loved ones at every successful obstacle. This is something that you can participate in too. Also, ensure that the gift he gets, in the end, is worth the trouble of the challenge!

5. Coffee connoisseurs

Most people who are teetotalers or coffee drinkers, do it with a lot of passion. A cup of coffee starts the day for most of us. If your boyfriend is no different ad loves his coffee, plan a coffee theme birthday party. Do a Starbucks theme or any coffee (local) shop that you both love. The birthday sign can say “Frappy Birthday” and there can b coffee puns as signs all over. You can also serve drinks in coffee mugs instead of regular glass.

We hope you loved the ideas and will use them to surprise your loved one. If you want to make your partner’s day special and do so with help, hire a professional party planner from VConnect!



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