4 ways to use Facebook for your business

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Facebook launched 13 years ago and the way we interact with friends online hasn’t remained the same ever since. The same can be said about Facebook itself and how users use the site.

While initially, the primary focus has and still remains to keep in touch with friends and family, much more than that is done these days on Facebook.

Nowadays users (individuals and businesses) are using the social media platform for making important business interactions. Most especially through adverts about whatever product or service they offer.

The VConnect for business Facebook page offers a different way of using Facebook as just another social media platform. Here is how it is doing this.

1. Instant messaging

The page dedicated to businesses takes advantage of chat feature in Facebook to answer enquiries very quickly. So if you would rather not call VConnect to inquire about a business or product, while you are watching funny videos, you can also chat with a dedicated representative to find what you are looking for. This way customers looking for your business can find you whichever way is convenient for them.

2. Video

Remember what we said about watching funny videos? We understand that Facebook is quickly becoming a video sharing social media platform, so why not share useful information.

The VConnect for business Facebook page features videos on a wide range of topics that affect small businesses. They could be a testimonial about a particular business, tips to help your business to get better visibility online and even interviews with business owners.

3. Articles

The page also features articles from the VConnect blog, and just like the videos, these articles are all about helping business owners improve their business. The comments section therefore, become a great place for sharing business insights between otherwise strangers.

4. Organic connections

From those comments on the page, something beautiful often happens, users find connections to others and network with other business owners. This networking is very important for growing 2business circles and in turn getting more patronage.


You are welcome to check out the VConnect for business Facebook page and start to make new connections too

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