4 things you didn’t realise about office romance

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Tis’ the season to be romantic, you know what we mean, it’s Valentine’s day and we have been swamped with a deluge of displays of romantic affection.

Businesses too have been quick to jump on the opportunity to make more money, which is perfectly fine by us, after all, the Fiscal Times estimates that about 19.7 billion dollars was spent on Valentine’s day gifts in 2015, who wouldn’t want a piece of that pie?

What we are more concerned about today is office romance and what it could mean for you as a business owner or an employee

We understand that office romance can sometimes inevitable, people with similar interests spending a lot of time together, sparks are bound to fly.

Here are some things you didn’t realise about office romance

It is quite common

Vault, a career and jobs intel company conducts a yearly survey on office romance with almost 2,000 respondents, and it results show that over half the respondents claim to have had some sort of office romance before.

A lot of power play involved

Even though relationships between superiors and subordinates are frowned upon, they’re very common. 23% of those who have had a romance at work have dated a subordinate, and 16% have dated a supervisor.

Men are more likely to be involved

According to the survey, men are more likely to have dated a subordinate. (32% have done so, compared to 12% of women). While women are more likely to have dated a supervisor (20% to 13%, respectively)

Coworkers are uncomfortable about it

Almost a third of survey respondents felt that a co-worker gained some kind of edge over them because of a romantic relationship with a co-worker or supervisor. 26% reported feeling uncomfortable with a colleague’s workplace romance. For more interesting results from Vault’s survey, head on over here.


Let us know what you think of office romance, have you had any experience with office romance? Drop your comments below.


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