4 Easy Snack Recipes to Serve your Guests this Season

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Food is the essence of life. Well, at least that is true for every party that you would go to. When you invite people over, you want the drinks and the food to be sorted. And you would not spend more time sprinting from the kitchen to the living room serving your guests. You not only tire yourself out but also not get to enjoy your own party.

We have here for you, 4 easy snack recipes for food that you can serve that are not only delicious but are also easy to make. They fill the stomach of your guests well enough for them and serve as excellent food accompanying their drinks.

Cheesy Yam Balls

Source: My Active Kitchen

Little balls of heaven are what you can call them once you taste them! Wash and boil three slices of yam until they are extremely soft. In a bowl mix the yams with two tablespoons of melted butter, pepper, parsley, and salt. Whisk two eggs in another bowl and set aside. In another bowl, put bread crumbs and mix it with some spices (that you like). Now make small bite-sized balls of the yams, dip them gently in the beaten eggs mix and then cover them with the breadcrumbs in the third ball. Make as many balls as you want according to the guests arriving. Deep fry them and serve them with a nice sauce or just ketchup!

Honey Garlic Oxtail 


Not only do these taste delicious but they also look yummy. Wash and season 8 pieces of oxtails (or more depending on your guests) with salt, pepper, onion paste, ginger and seasoning cube. Keep it for 15 minutes before boiling it in water till it is soft. On medium heat, in a pan, take butter and saute garlic. Put the boiled oxtail in this and saute for 2 minutes. Add honey till oxtail is coated and caramelized. Add the stock and allow it to simmer till mixture is thick. Serve and garnish with pepper and spring onions.

Fresh Fruits in Cream

Dice pineapple, orange, apples, and mango. Add a spoonful of honey to it and mix it well. Add fresh cream to the mix and garnish it with diced almonds and walnuts. You can serve them in small bowls and also add sauces to it for a taste like strawberry, raspberry or chocolate. You can also replace the fruits or add in more fruits. The best part about this recipe that it is not only super healthy but also super quick to make.


Although the prep time of this dish may be longer than others it is a quick recipe to make. Soak half a pound of black eyed peas in water overnight. In a processor, pulp two onions and one red pepper (do not add water) along with the black-eyed peas to a pulp. Transfer to a bowl and whisk the mixture by adding a little water, salt and white pepper (or black pepper). Be careful to not add too much water to this. Make ping pong sized balls out of them and fry them in olive oil (or normal vegetable oil). Serve it with its traditional dip by grinding one tomato, one onion, and one green pepper along with some parsley. Add olive oil and salt and pepper for taste. What’s great is you can serve this dip with some of the recipes mentioned above.

We hope these mouth-watering recipes are easy to make and pleases your guests. You can always count on our professional caterers and servers if you do not want to don the chef’s hat. Rest assured you will get exemplary service that will make your party a hit!

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