2 new ways Vconnect can help your small Nigerian business make more sales

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If you run a local business like a restaurant, spa, clinic or even a school, VConnect should be an essential piece of your online presence.

You are probably thinking, “shouldn’t I focus on learning to use Facebook and Twitter for my business?”

With over 1.5 million registered businesses and millions of visits, and reviews every day, it’s fair to say VConnect is a dominant force on the Nigerian internet. One in every three people you meet uses VConnect to find details of businesses they want to transact with.

If you are a new business, find more information on how to create your business account on VConnect. But if you are listed on VConnect, we have two new updates on VConnect that will help you grow your business.

1. Generate free inquiries

It’s never been easier to get inquiries from customers. When people see your page and want to ask about your services, they only need to click the “make inquiry” button on your page, to get direct access to you.

make enquiries on vconnect

You will get these messages in your Business Owner Dashboard, and you can reply right from there. All at no cost.

So, it doesn’t matter if your number was unavailable, customers can connect with you still.

2. Business website service

Building your site doesn’t have to cost you an arm, a leg and your fixed deposit. We know a lot of web designers will ask you for that and more. This is why we want to help you build a professional website at a reasonable price.

Starting from the low price of N40,000, VConnect will create a neat and professional website for you with;

  • one-year hosting
  • a “.com.ng” domain name
  • one corporate email (i.e., yourname@yourcompany.com)
  • and social media integration.

You could add more feature such as commerce support to your website if your want. Learn more here or subscribe here.

Do you want more features from VConnect? Share with us in the comments. Our product team is super-excited to hear from you.


Do you ever feel like you had to choose between growing your business and holding on to your life savings? Well, that fear ends now. With VConnect for Business, you can connect with more than 2 million ready-to-buy customers. VConnect doesn’t charge you to use its dashboard that tells you what people are visiting your business and what they are doing on your page. Start connecting with real customers. Claim your business to get access. Start here.

Team VConnect

On a mission to make it easier for people to find, and hire the right service professionals. We are also helping businesses serve their customers better. Learn more at www.vconnect.com

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