3 new ways to get more reviews for your business on Vconnect

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Here at VConnect, we have never been shy about encouraging businesses to promote themselves.

One of the ways we have found to be effective is through reviews. Reviews help businesses get more customers and make more sales, but sometimes you need to ask your customers to review your business.

What to do?

Therefore,  as we know just how important reviews are for your business, we keep working on new ways to get genuine feedback from your customers.

VConnect Brand Aids have proven to be effective tools to help encourage your customers to leave you reviews.

These can either be “Review Us On VConnect” stickers, table tents or table stands, whichever works best for you.

These Brand Aids are all available for free on VConnect, simply ask and you shall receive.

It starts with filling out this form, it will take between 5-7 to receive the Brand Aids depending on where your business is located

Want to get more reviews? Click here.



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