15 questions about VConnect’s #ViewMyCity competition (VMC FAQs)

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It’s a few days into our #ViewMyCity photo contest and we are loving the entries.

See this picture of Idumota, Lagos for instance:

#viewmycity - vconnect blog
Shot with Galaxy S5 over iPhone SE

The challenge is easy; take a picture of your city, share on social media and tag @vconnectnigeria.

Whether you’ve been a photographer for a hundred years (congrats on being a vampire, by the way) or you just took your first picture yesterday, you are welcome to enter this competition.

We already told you what the prizes are: N30,000, lunch with the VConnect Team and mindblowing consolation prizes. But we’ve received some interesting questions about the competition. So we thought we’d put all of them to rest once for all.

Here we go:

1. Can I submit a picture I captured with my phone camera?

Yes. We are not smartphone photography snubs at VConnect. We even hear some phone cameras take better pictures than DSLRs.

2. What are you going to do with all the pictures?

Normally, we wouldn’t say. But we trust you. The winning pictures will feature on the VConnect homepage. It’ll be the underlay of our search bar. Like this:

your picture vconnect blog

3. I don’t have a DSLR. How do I take a good picture without a DSLR?

Believe us. You can. Just try. Also, refer to the FAQ 1.

4. Are you guys serious about that lunch with the VConnect Team?

We wouldn’t dare joke about something so serious. And that’s one perk you don’t want to miss because we know how to host a fine lunch here.

5. Can I send a picture of Kathmandu?

What is a Kathmandu? Only pictures of Nigerian cities, please.

6. Who owns the copyright to these pictures?

VConnect will reserve the license to use any images submitted.

7. How will VConnect choose the best pictures?

Octopus Paul is taking the lead on this one. No, that’s a bad joke.

VConnect will choose winners based on how much people liked, shared or retweeted your photo.

8. I want to submit a picture. How do I do it?

Easy. Take a picture (with your phone or DSLR), share on social media and tag @vconnectnigeria. Also use the hashtag #viewmycity and #discoverwithvconnect

9. Do I need a drone to take the pictures?

If you have a UAV permit for drones, sure. We’ll love it. But it’s not compulsory, really. All you need is your camera and imagination.

10. Must I take the picture from a rooftop?

You don’t have to. Although pictures taken on rooftops are pretty cool, you can manage from a simple elevated position. Your balcony for instance. Or office window.
If you are 7 feet tall, you certainly don’t need a rooftop.

11. Is there a number of pictures I must submit to win?

Nope. You can submit as much as 36 pictures or as little as one. We’ll pick winners based on how people like, share and retweet your pictures.

12. Must I follow VConnect on all three social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to win?

No. One social media account is good enough. We recommend you follow us on the same one where you are submitting your entry. You can also follow us on our other social media outposts to benefit from channel-specific giveaways.

13. Can I submit images I found online?

No. Really, no. Why would you even think that?

14. Is the competition open to all states?

Yes. Lagos to Abuja. Delta to Nassarawa. Every. Single. State is welcome.

15. Can I win for more than one state if I have good pictures for them?

You can. One person can pick multiple consolation prizes if people like their pictures of different states the most. Only the top three prizes of N30,000 will go, strictly, to different people.

Put your photography chops to that task. Enter for the competition. Start here.

If you have more questions about the competition, leave a comment on this article. Or give us a shout on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Team VConnect

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