13 Home service businesses you can start now

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Got time to spare and space to work from at home? Become an entrepreneur from the convenience of your home with any of the 13 home based businesses below.

These businesses are easy to start and require little or no capital.

Home service businesses you can start

1. Information Marketing

 People are always searching for information. Find your niche, leverage what you know, write a detailed Ebook and sell on Amazon.

2. Drop shipping

Drop shipping means listing the products or merchandise of another for sale and only ordering from the supplier when you have gotten an order. With this method, you don’t need to have an inventory and you can start with Zero Capital. Just scour stores around, get the images and prices of products you want to sell to showcase, when you get orders, sell the products for a little profit.

3. Writing

 Do you love writing? If yes, then get paid for what you love doing. Start a freelance writing business. You can also start your own blog and help promote products and services offered by more established businesses.

4. Interior Design

 If you have a  flair for interior decoration, then monetise that skill. Build a portfolio by practicing with your friends/family homes and establishment before looking for clients, then draw up your business plan and contract. You can also choose a niche for yourself, for example, you may decide to stick to Home decor only. This can help you better sharpen your skills and prevent you overstretching yourself.

5. Social Media Management

it’s time you parley your huge social media presence for some profit. If you have a great deal of knowledge and experience using social media and it’s tools, know how to build following and engagement with a little bit of analytics thrown into the mix, then social media management might just be right for you. You may not be able to charge much initially, so start with small businesses and get referrals that will help you earn the big bucks.

6. Gift Basket/Hamper making

This is quite profitable and enjoyable especially if you have creative and design ability and can make attractive gift baskets. You might also want to attend, watch tutorials online (youtube) or read up on gift basket designs.

7. Freelancing

You’ve got certain skills? Why not sign up on freelancing sites such as Fiverr, Upwork etc, put these skills to work and get paid for it.

8. Office Meal Delivery:

Love cooking? Start cooking mouth-watering dishes and delivering them to offices. Get your friends and family to refer you to their colleagues at work and have them place orders. You can move beyond this to providing lunch or appetizers for corporate events, buffet or anniversary celebrations.

9. Grocery Purchase & Delivery

Are you one of those who loves shopping for groceries and always manage to get the best deals? If yes, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to target the busy working class, get paid for supplying them groceries and for delivery?

10.Ride sharing

Got a car and no job or you just want to run your own show? Sign up to be an Uber or Taxify driver and get paid for driving your own car.Property

11.Property Management

If you are sociable, have the zeal required, possess excellent marketing skills and of course have a small space that can be converted into an office, you may want to consider going into property/estate management and rent or help to monitor building projects. You need to be able to gain trust and must be honest in your dealings if you’re to be successful in this niche and get recurring businesses in Nigeria.

12. Commission-only sales

If you have excellent sales skills or are quite gifted at selling not just yourself well but products and services too, you should consider jumping on this. There are many businesses who require the services of salesman/woman, no commitments and purely on commission. An example of these is real estate companies. All you need to do is sign up, sell and get your commission.

13. Liquid soap Making

If you don’t already know how to, attend one or two tutorials to get the hang of it. The market for this is still quite huge and your target market will include homes, schools, canteens, car wash, offices etc. You will however, need to work on your brand and packaging to stand out from the crowd.

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