11 Things to Consider Fixing In Your Home As Soon As You Move In

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“Home sweet home”. If that expression holds true, then there is no room for nagging issues to creep in. It takes a lot of effort to find the perfect home you want to come back after a hard day at  work. Is the neighborhood  right? Is it ventilated? Is it in my budget?

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But the questions do not end there, do they? When you move into a house, unless you start living in it, you will not discover the smaller issues that can become a nuisance later. So before you realize it the hard way, here is the easy way.

Here are 11 things that you should consider fixing on or before the moving day!

1.Save water

  1. Plumbing leaks can cause a lot of water wastage. Even though you may have checked it before moving in, your house may need plumbing works. As small as a kitchen tap not working right can cause a lot of discomforts. Get a professional for plumbing services to inspect (and fix) any leaks and have the plumbing fittings fixed. Owing to the scarcity of water, we should all do our bit to save it!


keep pest away from home
2. Keep the pests away

Having fumigation done in your home or getting it cleaned up professionally to get rid of the pests, keeps the uninvited guests away. There are a number of DIY techniques to do it using simple home remedies but why not take the help when you can? The house fumigation cost can be affordable through Vconnect! Keep the sprays and mouse traps handy even after a fumigation service to be always prepared. This blog post  may also be helpful to keep the unwanted pests away: 9 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Rid Of Pests in Your Home or Office

3. Get to know your house

From the circuit breakers to water valves, understand how things work from the right person (it can be the owner or the seller). In the state of an emergency involving water or electricity, this knowledge becomes critical. The experts are anyway a click of a button away with Vconnect.

4. Safety comes first

Safety is extremely important in any neighborhood you live in. Your home is the one place which is your safe haven. In the event that you are not the first person to be staying in your new home, you never know how many people have the keys to your house! Get your locks changed by a reliable and trustworthy service professional. Not only that, keep your house protected in the event of disasters such as fire. It is safe to keep a fire extinguisher at home, but here are some ways you can prevent fire too: How To Survive A Fire Outbreak

window ventilation


5. Stay ventilated

Ventilation is not just vital to let the fresh air in, but also to keep bad odors out. You can always get fixtures before closed windows which allow the air in easily, without letting the pests in. Another important detail to look into here is to fix any gaps in window seals.

6. Kitchen fix

In addition to fixing the ventilation of your house, make sure the exhaust facilities of the kitchen are also in place. The exhaust fans need to be deep cleaned before putting it into use on a regular basis.

7. Get a home clean up

When you move in, there can be an unpleasant pre-existing situation that you haven’t prepared yourself for. Employ a professional home cleaning service to get the nooks and corners, cabinets, shelves and carpets cleaned. Every possible detail in house cleaning. It is also a good measure to get rid of any bacteria which is not visible to the eye through a furniture cleaner and floor cleaning service. A nontoxic cleaner is required to clean the shelves and make room for your dishes and bowls in the cabinets. You can get your carpets and couches/sofas steam cleaned.

8. Woodwork

A professional carpenter would not just help you fix your existing furniture, but also help create new ones which you may need. It is important to have your house inspected for minor repairs that spill trouble later. For example, a simple crack in the door can expand in monsoons and become hard to fix.

9.Electrical fixtures

A small spark or a faulty circuit can give you woes you would not want in your house. It is better to have the wiring of the house checked and electrical points inspected by a professional electrician. A simple electrical work could save you a lot of money! You would not want your expensive gadgets to suffer the consequence of a faulty electrical wiring. Realizing the lights of your room do not work before cozying up with your favorite book can also prove a damper. It is better to be prepared.

home painting

10. Paint your dream abode

Having a freshly painted house in attractive designs and colors, helps you to improve its longevity. Pick your favorite colors from the shade card offered by the professional house painter and have the colors tested before going through with it. Be it external house painting or interior house painting, a trusted expert can help you get perfect painting services. Ensure that the old paint is chipped off before a fresh coat so that the paint lasts longer too. You can book a trusted professional in just a few clicks!

11. Systemizing closet spaces

The place which every item of your clothing occupies makes your daily routine of getting ready for work an easy affair. Be it the sock drawer, the tie holder or the ironed shirts on hangers, it is important to have separators in the form of drawers, hangers, defined cabinets etc. to make this process of organizing your clothes efficient.

We hope these tips help you to lead a happy life in your new home. Do not worry about getting trusted professionals to help you with the tips suggested above, as we have you covered! Making your home, truly a sweet place to live in is what we strive for every day.

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