10 ways reviews help businesses get customers and make more sales

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Reviews have been known to help businesses to get customers and also get more sales. As much as 74% of consumers claim that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

We have put up ten different ways reviews can help business;

1. It will build up confidence in your brand

For small businesses, online reviews determine the degree of trust customers would feel towards them. And customers will only buy from businesses they trust.

2. They help you know what to improve

As much as we hate bad reviews, they present an opportunity for growth by helping you to identify areas of improvement.

3. It is a form of advertising

Every review posted online by a customer is a form of advert for your business. Reviews can provide the kind of exposure you would never have been able to afford with traditional marketing.

4. They provide an opportunity to address customer issues

Online reviews are a good opportunity to resolve customers problems and improve on your business practices.

5. They help you bridge the gap your business and your customers

On most review sites, you can reply to your customers’ suggestions and complaints. This will bring you closer to them. On VConnect, your free Business Owner Dashboard allows you reply reviews and track visitors activity on your page. Sign in to your Business Owner Dashboard.

6. Increase your ranking in search engine results

Search engines such as Google and VConnect take note of every time your business name is mentioned in reviews and factors this in determining how high your business will rank in search results.

On VConnect, reviews are one of the most important ranking factors.

7. Helps you create a customer service culture

What better way to manage your team than through direct feedback from customers? When an employee sees a direct feedback from your business page, they are encouraged to improve their work or keep a certain course of action a reviewer has commented.

8. Reviews could help you find satisfaction in your business

If starting your business had anything to do with making your customers happy, then positive is a constant reminder that you are doing something right. They  will motivate you in times you feel like throwing in the towel.

9. Reviews help you attract new customers

Potential customers usually research on a product or service before making a purchase decision.

This means that people who read your reviews are usually ready to spend. Hence, a good review is a chance to win them over.

10. Reviews can help you get paying customers.

86% of consumers said they would pay for a service provider that has positive reviews.


The more reviews you get, the more customer you get and more sales you make. One of the best ways to get reviews is to ask. VConnect provides brand aids that can help you remind your visitors to review your business. Click here to get them for FREE.


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Rita Etuk

Rita Etuk is a Content Developer at VConnect and blog.vconnect.com. She is an avid reader, a movie critic, and a huge fan of Lana Del Rey.

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