10 Unique Gift Ideas For This Valentine’s Day

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Candles? Chocolates? Flowers? Sure! Who doesn’t like all of that on Valentine’s day? But here is the truth, move away from the cliches and look for something unique. Something that will be a reminder of the unique relationship you share with your partner. Because that is what is the truth, all love stories are unique.

We came up with some ideas for you to gift your partner this Valentine’s day and if you look closely, we can help you out with some of them too! Here are 10 unique gift ideas for this Valentine’s day:


Move over from roses, pick something that lasts longer (possibly, forever if you really care for the plant). Plant’s are not only pleasing to the eye but can also have multiple benefits. For instance, some plants are considered good luck charms (the money plant, the bamboo plant), some look great as indoor decoratives (the bonsai plant) and some actually keep the insects away and improve the air quality of the house. Go for a plant this Valentine’s with a sweet personalized message for your loved one.

The Fit  Couple

Couple that stays fit together actually stays healthier and happier together! There are no two ways about a regular exercise or an outdoor activity helping you stay fit. Often we ignore our health due to an extremely busy lifestyle and it is just easier to pay heed to it when there is someone encouraging you. Encourage your partner by getting a couple’s bicycle (or two bicycles) or enroll in a gym together near your house.

Share your love with a pet

Adopt a rescue for your partner. The love that you have for each other will only grow if you share with someone who is as special as a pet that needs love. Your compassion will not only save the life of an animal but will also help you two to become the better version of yourselves.

Show her the moves

Every woman loves a man with the right moves and we are talking about putting on your dancing shoes. Enroll in classes that are lessons for couple dancing. For instance, Salsa is a sensual form of couple dancing which the two of you can enjoy together. Learning something new can also help you discover something fascinating about each other.

A day of pampering

It is simple. When you have a busy lifestyle while playing the balancing act between work, kids, home, and family, you need a break! What is better than gifting your partner a day of pampering. Start with a salon at home appointment via Vconnect and move on to a relaxing spa. Vconnect has the choicest spa professionals at the click of a button. Let her put on the best makeup and feel beautiful with a makeup professional in your house. Finish the day off with a sumptuous dinner out!

Cupid’s party

Throw a surprise theme party inviting all couples and loved ones for your partner. You can have great love themed food as well as decoration that is bound to make your partner smile. And you do not have to do it all by yourself! Get help from party planning professionals at Vconnect and make it happen.

All Cleaned Up

Imagine the moment when your partner comes back home to a sparkling clean house that has the mark of a professional. Every nook and corner of the house including furniture and upholstery cleaned up and they do not have to move a muscle. Get professional cleaners from Vconnect to surprise your partner. And hey you can hire cleaners as part of the gift after you throw them a surprise party! It is like they get to enjoy a party and do not have to worry about cleaning!

Share your love 

Community service and helping others should really be an everyday deal, but nothing beats spending your special occasions with those who need reasons to celebrate. Donate to charity under your partner’s name or spend a day at an orphanage reading to kids and playing with them. You not only get a chance to give back to the society together but also are bound to feel overwhelmed with all the love you will get back!

Surprise trip!

Source: Lonely Planet

A family trip is something that everyone looks forward to every year but the planning is not what one looks forward to. Plan a romantic getaway (probably just the two of you this time of the year) and leave the planning to the experts at Vconnect!

Unique Coupons

How about 10 unique coupons with all of the above ideas fashioned as a booklet? Now isn’t that a bumper gift. You can be quirky and creative by putting terms and conditions behind each coupon, like how your partner can avail a coupon, the validity etc. You can also personalize the coupon and have a designer work out a beautiful design and print them out for you on great paper! Get help from Vconnect if you like this idea and let them know what you would want.

We hope you have enough ideas for this Valentine’s day and give us a chance to make it special for you and your partner. Celebrate the day of love stressfree and hasslefree!






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