10 Little-Known Ways of Getting More Customers for Your Laundry Business

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As with most businesses, one of the biggest problems facing a laundry business is getting (more) customers, either from other existing businesses or from customers who prefer to do their laundry the old-fashioned way, or even from those with a washing machine at home and don’t see the need for a laundry service.

Outlined here are a few ways a laundry business can attract more customers to patronize their services.

1. A memorable introduction

“First impressions last longest” so the saying goes. Clichéd, but with some truth in it, a memorable opening that grabs the attention of prospective customers can bring your company to mind when they have any laundry needs.

2. Increase your social media presence

We live in a world where the quickest way to get information out to a large number of people in a very short time period is the internet, specifically social media. The advent of social media networks such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. has made getting and sharing information very easy indeed that the hardest part in getting customers off social media is to establish a vibrant social media presence and avoid getting your brand associated in any way with controversy.

3. Discounts and loyalty rewards

With the cutthroat nature of business, a way to convince customers they’re making the right choice in patronizing your services is to put in place loyalty rewards and discounts for the most active customers. Also, discounts like one item to be washed for free for every ten clothing items paid for goes a long way towards encouraging customer to try, and stick with your business.

4. Quality of Service and  Customer satisfaction

One of the most underrated parts of business nowadays is word of mouth referrals. If the customer is getting quality service, on being asked where they get their nice looking clothing items laundered, they’ll be sure to refer you. Also, with so many laundromats around, people would rather go to where employees treat them well, and with respect as well as having a high quality of service.

5. Extra Hours

Opening at times when competitors usually don’t, such as late at night and Sundays usually means a lot to customers who’ll know that your laundry services are there at any time they need to use them.

6. Delivery Services

Optional, but very important. While some people are ready to make use of laundry services, the added benefit of a delivery service makes it even more attractive, especially for people who are either too busy to pick up their items themselves, or those who choose not to.

7. Entertainment

It is very important to have something to entertain customers who come into the shop to do their laundry themselves or to pick up their laundry with. Subscribing to a mixture of sports, news, fashion and lifestyle channels as well as some kids channels for those with children ensures that everyone who comes into your place of business is sufficiently entertained.

8. Be a part of the community

A great way for a laundry to get more customers is to attract customers by holding events like a fundraiser or a charity event for a good cause. Apart from it actually being a good cause, it encourages members of the community to come out and support your business.

9. Get registered in a physical and virtual directory

When customers want a good laundry service, ensuring that your company is among the listings for reputable laundry services also goes a long way to making sure that more customers are directed your way. Registering your laundry business on VConnect will help you get more customers looking for the service you offer online.

10. Location

Opening your store in an area where there are few (or even none) laundry services ensures that with good service, you have a near monopoly on the laundry needs of the area, ergo, more customers for you.

These, combined with a good work ethic will make your business a successful one.

All the best with your business endeavors!

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  1. Hey Adekunle, thanks for sharing this information. I have a laundry business and these tips will definitely come in handy!! I am going to begin this right now by creating social media accounts. Thank You!!

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