10 Amazing Ideas for Valentine’s Day Dates

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Valentine’s day is the time of the year when you want to make that extra effort to celebrate the person you are with. It the day to acknowledge their efforts and reciprocate each other’s care. A lot of people may contest that this should be an attitude every day, but let us be honest here. In the daily drone of life and our busy lifestyles, it is difficult to find a day to make conscious efforts. Perhaps stealing a few moments is easy, but not an entire day.

So how do you spend that one day of the year enjoying every moment as a romantic fable? Here are 10 ideas for perfect and amazing Valentine’s day dates:

Plush Date

You may save and live economically all through the year, but on this one day, let go of the wallet. Book a table at the plushest restaurant in town and go for a customized multiple course meal. Top it off with a drink of your choice and toast it to each other with added sweet nothings.

Tandem Bike Ride

This may sound like a strenuous activity instead of a romantic tryst, but if you are fitness lovers, this is a great idea. Ride through quiet spots in a couple’s bicycle and revel in nature and appreciate the beauty. You can add a cozy picnic lunch to the mix and spend a day in the park sunbathing.

Ice Skating

There is something extremely romantic about snowfall and ice skating. Since snowfall is a rarity in Nigeria, why not settle for ice skating? A lot of options are available which are rated well on Google. You can also add romantic elements to the mix like having hot chocolate together or just going to a dessert shop for the common love for sweets.

Marathon Movie

Have a marathon movie day with romantic movies from multiple eras. Go for different languages as well (with subtitles of course) and cozy up with a bowl of popcorn and butter to watch your favorite (or never watched before) romantic movie marathon.

Couple’s Spa

We had suggested a spa for your partner in our previous blog and here we are suggesting a couple’s massage. All you have to do is book one on Vconnect through any of our verified professionals.

 Bake Together

“People who love to eat, are the best people”- Julia Child. We bet she must have had deserts in mind when she said that! Learn to bake together on this day and devour your creation with all the love. Split the chores so that it is an exercise you enjoy.

Play Tourist 

A lot of people do not really explore the hot spots in their own city, thinking it can be visited anytime since they live there. Spend time researching and checking out the places of interest in the city you stay in and dine in places that are highly recommended. The best part about checking tourist spots is the deals they often have to offer.

Wine Tasting

Africa is home to some of the best wine in the world. Visiting a winery in Nigeria on Valentine’s day is a romantic getaway that you would love! Not just for the beautiful vineyards, but also the wealth of information you can gather on one of the tours. End it with a nice wine tasting session in the company of the one you love.

Romantic Hike

Walking hand in hand through the lush green hikes is a good way to spend Valentine’s day.  There are a number of National parks and hiking trails (like the Oluma Rock, Shere hills, Idanre hills etc.) in Nigeria to explore. Book a trip with a verified travel agent from Vconnect and make it happen.

Try Something New

Discover art and theater, or just go to a music concert of an artist you have not heard. You can also go to an art exhibit or a museum tour. The idea is to discover the beauty of something new on this day, reminding each other that no matter how many years you are together, each day will be about discovering something new and beautiful.

We hope you have a beautiful Valentine’s day. Much like your unique love story, your day will be unique and special if you treat it with all the love you have for each other.


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