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Happiness is….A Relaxing Beauty Spa

How many of you have come across the internet memes of “happiness is”?. All of us are looking for happiness, a sliver of hope that brings a smile to our faces. For…

3 DIY Facials at Home and Their Benefits

Face masks are available in plethora in the market today. Whether it is activated carbon-based or charcoal based, fruit based or chocolate based, each ingredient has a specific purpose and is added…

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7 Eco-Friendly Beautiful Floors For Your Space

Now generally one associates eco-friendly to something that probably may not be great on the aesthetic appeal, even though it is creative. Add to that, eco-friendly flooring sure does sound questionable, doesn’t…

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Everything You Need to Know About Booking a Hotel

Booking a hotel online is perhaps the most important thing to sort before you travel. Whether it is traveling for business or leisure, you would need the perfect place to unwind. Apart from…