Why your fashion design business is overwhelmed by too many customers and what to do about it

Living in Nigeria, you most likely have heard the horror stories about events and appointment being ruined because the fashion designer did not hold up their end of the bargain.

The experience is so common it has spawned numerous jokes about how unreliable tailors or fashion designers can be about delivering on promises.

The common thread (see what we did there?) seems to be that fashion designers are overwhelmed with too many customers and can not meet up with the supply demanded.

So what exactly is the problem here?

 You are biting more than you can chew

If you are getting more requests than you can manage, then you are probably taking on more work than you can really handle. You might not want to hear this, but you should consider booking projects you will actually be able to complete in the time promised to the customer.

You are not keeping a schedule

Another reason could be that you do not have a schedule, or you are not keeping to a schedule. So you are taking on tasks as they come, probably attending to the project of the last customer that harassed you even though that project isn’t due anytime soon.

You are understaffed

You could also be getting swamped with more than you can handle simply because you don’t have enough hands to complete the projects you are getting

What you can do

Create a schedule

Create a schedule that gives you ample time to complete projects within the delivery time. Stick to the schedule. Use tools like VConnect for business to answer enquiries so as not to be overbooked. This will help you take on projects you can complete in the stipulated time.

Outsource what you can

If the problem is that you are understaffed, outsource tasks that others can handle. Tasks like social media and deliveries can be outsourced at rates that won’t hurt your business.

You can also get creative, hire people on a part-time basis for tasks like maintaining your orders and cutting materials, leaving you time to concentrate on the more creative or technical tasks.

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