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Tripods are simple, and straightforward tools for photography. But the simplicity of this device doesn’t lessen their importance.

Tripods do two main things; image stabilisation and vibration reduction.

If you have a camera lens with built-in image stabilisation and vibration reduction you might be wondering why you need a tripod. Here’s why: A tripod helps to keep the camera steady in low light conditions, this enables one to capture sharp images.

A tripod also helps when you want a precisely composed image and, of course, to rest heavy equipment on, such as flashes and microphones.

The first thing to consider is the weight rating. This is not the weight of the tripod, but how much weight the tripod is designed to hold.

If you are buying a tripod for a camcorder or a DSLR, you should consider not only the weight of the camera but also the weight of the camera with add-ons such as flashes, microphones and even the pressure you apply when using the camera.

Also, consider how sturdy and stable the tripod is. This is sometimes a function of how many legs the tripod has.

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The tripod height is the next thing to consider, the rule of thumb is to buy a tripod that’s about your height so that you do not have to bend to look into the viewfinder. Most tripods have adjustable heights; it is wise to check how low and high it goes.

The tripod material is an important factor to consider, aluminium and carbon are the most commonly used materials. Carbon tripods provide greater vibration reduction but are much more expensive than aluminium tripods. Ironically, wooden tripods offer the most significant vibration reduction but are too heavy, rendering them impractical.

Buying Tripods on VConnect

Vconnect has a variety sturdy lightweight tripods made from premium aluminium for greatest vibration reduction and the non-slip feet ensures excellent image stability, while the adjustable mount and legs allow for boundless versatility in use. These tripods not only durable, but the quick release mount provides an unrivalled easy to use experience, while the foldability guarantees that you can have all you equipment in one compact package.

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