VConnect Buying Guide: Car Chargers

In-car chargers allow one to recharge devices while commuting. As smartphones have become a part of our everyday lives, a low battery can seem like being cut off from all that is happening.

Car chargers help prevent this. They are particularly useful if you spend a lot of time in traffic or even just for a quick top-up before you hit the town.

They have become just as ubiquitous as smartphones themselves, buying one requires some basic know-how.

What to know before buying a car charger

The first thing to look out for when buying a car charger is its compatibility with the device(s) you plan to use the charger with. While most Android and Blackberry phones have the same charging port, Apple devices use a different kind of port. So make sure whichever car charger you buy is the right one for the device you want to charge.

Some car chargers have multiple USB ports that let one charge more than one device at the same time. These multiple ports also have compatibility with different devices. This is a huge advantage for charging different devices at the same time.

Some car chargers have USB cables attached. It is best to choose one that allows the USB cable to be replaced rather than one permanently attached.

Buy car chargers on VConnect

There are different types of car chargers available on VConnect. These include brand names such as Tecno, Griffin and New Age. Car chargers on VConnect are available as single USB models and multiple USB models.

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