How To Get The Best Service Professionals In Only Minutes

Tobi has been in Lagos for almost a year now, as with most people new to Lagos, the adjustment hasn’t been easy. As the rainy season started, He has been noticing some new hairy tenants in his apartment.He didn’t have any concrete evidence until one of his furry friends scared his female friend who came over. With that embarrassing incident, Tobi knew it was time to get rid of those vermin. However, because he was still relatively new to Lagos he didn’t really know how to get service professionals nearby to help solve this problem. How Vconnect works Luckily for him, he knew about Vconnect’s hire a service professional and in a matter of minutes, he had a fumigator scheduled to come exterminate the rats by the weekend. Since the service worked so well he ...

VConnect awards certificate of excellence to business owners

At VConnect, we strongly promote Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. Just as our customers mean so much to us, our sellers/business owners are equally important. You guys keep us going. In order to appreciate and encourage outstanding business owners whose businesses are registered on our platform, we have been giving out certificates of excellence. The Certificate of Excellence celebrates the accommodations, attractions, eateries and other service-based industries that provide a wonderful experience to people. By putting a spotlight on businesses that are focused on delivering great service to customers, VConnect not only helps drive an improvement on hospitality standards around Lagos, but also gives businesses (both large and small) the ability to shine and stand out from the competition. Get more visibility by registering your businesses online here. To sell on VConnect, click here. From

With downloadable coupons, shopping on VConnect just got smarter!

You know that sweet feeling you have when you get what you want, when you want it and just the way you want it? That's what you get when you you shop on VConnect from the comfort of your home. And now, things have become easier and faster. Unlike before, when your coupon would be delivered to you after you place an order, you can now download the coupons from your mobile phone or computer as soon as you're ready to get what you ordered for. How it works Place an order for service(s) of your choice and check out   You'll be redirected to the page where you can make payments   A coupon in PDF format will be sent to your registered e-mail address and an SMS containing your coupon code will also be sent to your registered phone number on VConnect .