6 steps to making your customers feel safe online

There is increasing business to be done online, Amazon is in the race to be a $1 Trillion company, while over here in Nigeria, CBN has reported an increase in online transactions. While this is all good, I mean Nigeria recorded about N64 trillion, in electronic transactions since the implementation of the cashless policy. The bad part, of that amount 2.19 billion Naira was lost to fraudsters within that period. So as a business owner conducting business online you understand the fears customers have about paying for goods or services online. As a customer, you also want to be assured that you will get what you paid for. So how do you as a small business owner make your customers safe online? You can start with these steps 1. Be reachable offline too Put your ...

5 tips for generating referrals for your small business

Ask yourself this question, “will any of my customers refer their friends to my business considering the quality of service I render?” If your answer to this question, as a business owner is “no”, then you know you need to do something about your predicament. You could consider conducting an NPS survey that will give you a more objective picture of whether or not people would tell other people about your business. But chances are, if you already think people don't like you enough to refer your business, you are probably right. Instead of dawdling over an NPS survey, get started on fixing this right away. Outside of going back to the drawing board and building out a tight, useful product, here are 5 quick tips to get your on your way: 1. Leverage client’s compliment