Struggling with insufficient storage? Get an ACTIVE US memory card now

Memory cards are small devices that are used to store electronic data. This can be anything (depending on the device) from photos, music, movies, games, documents, programs and more. Memory cards are commonly used in portable electronic devices, such as digital cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers, tablets, MP3 players and video game consoles.

What are the different types of memory cards available?

When it comes to memory cards, it’s easy to become confused, thanks to all of the different types and variations available. The main types currently available include SD, Memory Stick and CompactFlash.

Secure Digital (SD) is the most widespread format, and they come in various different capacities and speeds. Memory Stick is a proprietary format developed by Sony and as a result is found mainly in Sony devices. CompactFlash is a standard specifically developed for digital cameras and is now most commonly used in higher-end SLRs.

For this write-up, we are focusing on a trusted memory card brand called ACTIVE US. These memory cards fall under the microSDHC subcategory of the microSD form factor. Note that SDHC memory card stands for High Capacity Secure Digital memory card. Let’s explore some features that make the ACTIVE US microSDHC memory cards stand out from the rest.



They offer much larger capacities, and thus more versatility in multimedia applications. While a microSD card tops out at 2 GB due to its FAT16 file system, a microSDHC card can store up to 64 GB on its FAT32 file system, depending on the model. Active US SDHC cards come in capacities of 1GB to 64GB. Say goodbye to storage problems with the 64GB ACTIVE US memory cards.

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SD cards are grouped into several performance classes; Class 2, 4, 6, 10 based on speed (the minimum recording rate of the cards). Class 2 stores data at a minimum of 2 MB/s; class 4 stores data at a minimum of 4 MB/s; class 6 cards achieve at least 6 MB/s, while class 10 cards have the very fast read-write rate of 10 MB/s. At VConnect, we have the 16GB ACTIVE US memory cards which are class 6 as well as 32GB ACTIVE US memory cards which fall under the class 10 category and many more.

Protection and warranty

With the integration of Antivirus in the ACTIVE US memory cards, you can be sure that your documents are safe. Also, you can return a defective product and get a replacement from seller, but we’ll try our best to ensure you get the best from the start.


They are very affordable, with the ACTIVE US 1GB micro SDHC memory card going for as low as N480. Note that the class a memory card belongs to also affects the price. Prices usually increase with the class type due to speed difference.


They are very durable with lifespan of up to 10 years.

Note: Older devices that use regular SD cards may not be able to read the newer SDHC and SDXC cards, even though the form factor is exactly the same but if a device has SDHC support, it will support standard SD cards too. Therefore, you can use SD and SDHC memory cards in SDHC host devices while only SD memory cards can be used for SD host devices. So before getting a memory card, you should be sure it’s compatible with your device.

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