What You Need To Get Your Cleaning Business Started

The cleaning business is quite frankly one of the most lucrative businesses you’ll find in Nigeria, as more companies and office buildings are looking out for the services of cleaning professionals to take responsibility for the cleaning of their spaces.

With the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life becoming more demanding for the average office man, it makes sense that duties like cleaning the office environment would be delegated to cleaning professionals that can handle the job with tact and efficiency.

And that’s where a cleaning business comes in. A cleaning business would have its cleaning professionals to handle the jobs given to them by the firms in need of them. If you think you’ve got the knack for it, you can own your own cleaning business. Here’s how to get started on that road;

Start with a business plan

Every business that exists had a starting point, and that starting point usually comes in the form of a business plan. This is a very important first step to take, mainly because of what the business plan is all about. Your business plan will outline just about every detail about your business, according to your visions. Do you plan on cleaning only homes? Or you want to focus on just offices? How about both? Maybe you want to even handle fumigation at the start or somewhere along the line. You could even chip in some drainage cleaning services while you’re at it.

The business plan helps you put down in writing the goals, milestones and services you plan on rendering when you have your cleaning business up and running. Conduct proper research, get your business plan down and also the feasibility study of the business to get on top of things. Learn how to write a business plan that stands out.

Get your capital down

Don’t be alarmed; the cleaning business isn’t one that requires a lot of startup capital. A substantial amount is good enough to start with, so you can begin building and expanding as the business grows and your client base increases. With your business plan, you’ll be able to make certain predictions on the amount of capital you’ll require to begin running the business, so this is another pointer on why it’s important to have a business plan before you begin. A safe bet would be to begin the business small, so that you don’t have to spend too much at the onset of things.

Your major concerns would be the cleaning equipment and materials required for the job, and then any staff you decide to hire. Something as small as you and two other people can start something and then slowly expand as you begin to get more clients and the amount you charge slowly rises, based on where and when you’re cleaning.

Get your first clients

As a new business, one thing that’s sure to be difficult is getting your first clients. By default, clients like to hire cleaning professionals that have already been in the business for a while and know how to do the job well. So don’t be surprised when your clients are asking you for references and how long you’ve been in the business. At this juncture, it’s important to be honest and let them know you’re new. But, you already have to let them know that you’ve done your extensive research and you and your cleaning professionals know well enough what you’re doing. Let the confidence be evident in your words, and show them that you really do mean it. But don’t make your confidence become cockiness though, that’s a line you don’t want to cross.

Get some references

So you’ve had some luck getting clients and shown them that you can, in fact, do the job. And that’s great. Next thing you have to do is get those references. For any client you clean for, always be sure to ask them if they’d be willing to refer you in the coming future.

Word-of-mouth is a big way to sell your business, and having people vouch for your services is a nice way to boost your credibility. If you happened to not get any clients at first, one way to get references is by cleaning for family and friends. This you might have to do for free. While it doesn’t sound appealing, the vote of confidence they can give your prospective clients will surely make it worth your while.


Yep. You’re a business, so you have to advertise. List your business for free on VConnect. Social media also lets you get some cheap advertising done that can be adjusted to suit your budget quite nicely, and thanks to its usage you get a wide reach with your ads.

Of course, you can always go hard copy and print brochures, leaflets and stickers. With advertising though, it’s also important to have a way for clients to reach you. So you should always include contact details in your ads, and if you have a social media page and/or a website to help you out, then the better. Do you have a logo for the business? If you don’t then you need to get one. Your logo is the business image, so it needs to appear on every ad you make. Same goes for the colours you choose. Your ads need to have consistency to portray credibility in your cleaning professionals and your business.

A VConnect business profile is a great way to let you customers easily find this kind of information about you, who knows, you might even get a free website.

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Hire some staff

Good chance you won’t be able to do things alone, so hire some staff, so you all can be cleaning professionals in the field. As your business grows, and you gain more clients, you can hire more cleaning professionals to get the jobs done faster and more efficiently.

Always have good customer service

This can’t be stressed enough. No one wants to hire cleaning professionals that are sloppy at their job. That’s a very quick way to lose clients and credibility. So while you’re growing your business and doing the work, always make it a point to give good customer service to the clients you’re working for.

Might not be easy all the time, but it’s the end result that counts, and no one can actually fault you for giving good services as cleaning professionals.

Start small, build up and grow big. The business sector is always in need of cleaning professionals, so if you believe you’re ready to have your own band of cleaning professionals then have at it and make your mark.

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