Lessons small businesses can learn from Nwamaka Okoye’s success with Housesorries

VConnect is all about small businesses, so when we find small businesses that have grown to become identifiable brands we are quick to spread the word about them.

Not long ago we spoke with Nwamaka Okoye of Housesorries, she shared insight into how her furniture making business has found success using locally sourced materials and a completely local production process.

She gave some tips into starting and running a furniture business in Nigeria, what we realised is that these tips would also serve business owners running other types of businesses in Nigeria.

So, here are Nwamaka Okoye’s tips to help you run a successful business in Nigeria.


Nwamaka Okoye’s 10 tips for starting and running a furniture business in Nigeria

1. Believe in yourself

2. Hire for the long haul. Hire people that will be committed. Invest in them. Money doesn’t always solve the problem. It’s the people.

3. Experiment- start small. If you think you need 200 machines, start with two first.

4. Find your sources. Know the market. Know where you are buying your materials. Keep up with sources. So you always get the best price.

5. Check what the regulatory agencies require. Make sure you are registered with the right agencies. Don’t make an expensive mistake.

6. Don’t try and do everything in the beginning. Be sure of what market you want to serve. You can’t be all things to all people.

7. Ensure that you have processes. Make sure that when people are leaving, there is a framework to compensate for their exit.

8. Every client is important. Don’t favor big clients over smaller ones.

9. Be selective about your body of work. Use the right materials. Be mad about quality.

10. Don’t take life too seriously. In this our business, you are dealing with lots of artisans and they can disappoint you. It can become traumatic. You need to have the presence of mind to stay calm.

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