Find the Vconnect package right for your business

Registering your business on VConnect means you get found easily, but that isn’t all you stand to gain from having your business on VConnect.

For starters, there are quite a number of packages tailor-made for your business, and unlike the what tailors promise, we deliver on our promises.

Ok, jokes aside, registering your business on VConnect gives you access to different packages to help you promote your business and advertise your services or products.

What the VConnect packages offer

All registered businesses receive customer engagement services like business listing, analytics, business dashboard, ratings and reviews, and embedded Google maps whether free or paid business.

However, there are other added services like priority listing, Online stores with payment gateway and much more for a fee.

There are four packages available for you to promote your business on VConnect; free tools, step up, grow and accelerate.

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Click here to compare all the packages and find which one is perfect for your business needs.

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