Why consumers don’t like ‘cool’ brands

Consumers do not want to buy from brands that Are “cool” on social media, they also do not like brands that make fun of other brands on social media. These claims aren’t mine, Sprout conducted a survey of 1,000 consumers to determine the traits they want brands to demonstrate on social and the results are eye-opening.

Do not mock your fans!

What annoyed the respondents the most? Making fun of your fans. 88% of consumers who answered the survey said they are annoyed when brands mock their fans.

While 75% of consumers believe there’s value in brands exhibiting humour on social, only 36% are willing to purchase from brands they believe are funny”

So while you will get talked about on social media for being funny, it doesn’t necessarily translate to actual sales.

No slangs please

While using slangs will make you come across as ‘real’, it could also cause you to alienate your customers. The interesting thing about communicating on social is that there is a thin line between being funny and being annoying. Like Sprout found out, nearly 7 in 10 consumers surveyed found slang from brands irritating.

So, keep it simple and straight.

The truth will set you free

Or at least make more customers trust you. 86% of the consumers surveyed selected honesty as the number 1 trait they wanted a brand to have. Which isn’t too surprising since social has let the consumers communicate directly with the brands, hearing more advert-type talk is the last thing they want on social.

Steer clear of politics

Nigerian brands have generally given political topics a wide berth when creating ads or communicating via social, and they know what they are doing.

According to the survey, 71% of respondents found brands engaging in politics on social annoying. That’s nearly a third of the respondents. Where was this survey when Pepsi was thinking up that infamous Kendall Jenner ad?

Quick responses count

Like the infographic below shows, consumers value when brands respond and respond quickly on social.

Unfortunately, only 1 in 10 consumers get responses from brands on social, here is where businesses need to do more, whether you are a small brand trying to create a niche, or a big brand looking to consolidate your position, quick responses are key.


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Find the rest of the survey here, also, last month, our own Toyin Ajileye explored how your brand can recover from a social media backlash, check that to see lessons your business can learn.

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